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Why KFC’s Fried Chicken Is So Delicious


It goes with out saying there are many quick meals joints that serve fried rooster — purveyors of piping scorching poultry, if you’ll. They usually’re most likely all legitimate in their very own distinctive methods. However, let’s be actual, whenever you’ve acquired a yearning for some killer fried rooster, your automotive principally pilots itself to at least one drive-thru particularly: KFC’s. And when the phrase “rooster” is a part of a restaurant’s identify (or it began that approach, in any case), they take the stuff significantly.

It is a good factor, too, as a result of fried rooster deserves a kind of culinary reverence. The dish’s roots in American historical past are storied and sophisticated, however it stays one of many nation’s most beloved consolation meals. It is one thing you by no means actually get bored with sinking your enamel into, particularly when it is finished proper — and KFC tends to do it higher than most.

So, what’s it that units KFC aside? We determined to discover what makes this fried rooster so finger lickin’ good.

A lot has been made in KFC’s historical past of its proprietary mix of 11 secret herbs and spices. Nonetheless, within the culinary world, it is basically the equal of an city legend — nobody has been in a position to verify exactly what contains that proprietary mix. Or have they? In 2016, the real-life nephew of KFC’s legendary mascot, Colonel Sanders, purported to present out the top-secret record.

Since KFC’s official mix of 11 secret herbs and spices has by no means been verified past a shadow of a doubt, it is unclear simply how correct Ledington’s record was. Nonetheless, suffice it to say that no matter they’re placing on that rooster makes it fairly darn scrumptious.

Everytime you get a yearning for KFC rooster, it is the one factor that can fulfill the raging starvation beast inside you. You do not essentially know why it is so fulfilling to chomp down into a chunk, however it’s. And, in a Quora thread exploring KFC rooster’s inherent attraction, Chef Martin Bayer identified one attainable purpose you simply can not seem to get the Colonel’s menu out of your thoughts (or your mouth).

“KFC fried rooster tastes good as a result of it’s formulated to style good. Certain, they brag about their 11 herbs and spices, which is nice, however that is not what you might be tasting whenever you chunk into some further tasty crispy. “You might be tasting candy, salty, and umami, or savoriness. The human mouth craves these flavors and that’s what makes you return for extra KFC.”

Nicely, as soon as they’d their arms on what was allegedly the magic method, they determined to place it to the take a look at. They took to the kitchen in an try to duplicate the quick meals eatery’s signature fried rooster taste. After a number of batches, they realized one thing was lacking — at which level they made a stunning discovery.

After a number of batches that weren’t fairly proper, the Tribune staff got here “very shut” to recreating the style of the Colonel’s secret mix. Then, on a whim, a reporter grabbed a container of the MSG flavor-enhancer Accent sitting within the take a look at kitchen and sprinkled it on prime of the rooster. Voila! In line with the paper, their take a look at rooster was “nearly indistinguishable” from the bucket they purchased at KFC. When the Tribune reached out, a KFC spokesperson reportedly confirmed that they do use MSG of their Unique Recipe rooster.

In 2014, KFC supplied near-total transparency by inviting Gizmodo to go behind the scenes for a tour of the restaurant’s headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. There, Gizmodo’s reporter even tied on an apron within the KFC firm kitchen and cooked up somewhat fried rooster of their very own. However throughout the enlightening play-by-play of how the signature rooster is made, the reporter discovered that KFC is obsessive about the quantity seven. And, surprisingly, it truly performs an enormous half in making KFC’s rooster style so good.

In preparation for its breading, the rooster is inspected after which dunked in a brine. To dry the rooster off, KFC workers toss it — you guessed it! — seven instances. The rooster is then positioned within the breading utilizing a pseudo breaststroke movement seven instances. When it is good and coated, the rooster is collected in a basket and see-sawed seven instances. Lastly, the rooster is positioned on the frying rack and strain cooked to perfection.

So, you see, with out KFC’s dedication to doing issues seven instances, the rooster doubtless would not be fairly so flavorful.

While you consider somebody making fried rooster, you most likely consider them submerging it in a effervescent vat or iron skillet crammed with oil. Whereas KFC has all the time used oil, it initially used it in a decidedly completely different approach: by principally hacking a strain cooker. For the report, the Colonel lived on the sting — utilizing oil in a strain cooker not meant for oil was harmful. Fortuitously, by the late Nineteen Fifties a business strain fryer particularly suited to this individual was developed.

It could be simple to imagine KFC and different quick meals eating places prefer it use frozen meat merchandise for all of their menu choices. Doing so would presumably quantity to a big value financial savings over contemporary proteins. However in response to a number of former employers on a Quora thread dedicated to how KFC rooster is cooked, the restaurant is dedicated to utilizing high quality contemporary substances.

Everytime you tear right into a juicy chunk of rooster, simply inform your self that you simply’re merely following your evolutionary cues. Yep, that is proper — you’ll be able to thank your ancestors on your primal have to dive headfirst right into a bucket of Additional Crispy. Enterprise Insider has a breakdown of why the blame belongs with somebody in your loved ones tree who got here approach, approach, approach earlier than you.

“As a result of people advanced as foragers, our brains realized to acknowledge and need issues that pack a number of energy,” Enterprise Insider defined in 2016. “The caloric density scale ranges from 0 for water to 9 for pure fats.” Questioning the place KFC stacks up? Let’s simply say this rooster ought to fulfill the forager inside. “Whereas uncooked rooster with out the pores and skin has a caloric density of 1.35, KFC’s unique rooster breast scores 2.3. The additional crispy model will get a 2.9. The pores and skin by itself scores an intoxicating 5.0.”

To place it plainly, our ancestors knew that as a way to survive on a sparse weight-reduction plan whereas nonetheless having to plunder for meals and journey nice distances, they wanted calorie-rich meals to maintain them. So, if anybody ever questions your devotion to KFC’s fried rooster, simply inform them it runs within the household.

It is a well-known reality of life that salt makes every thing style higher. It does not matter how bland it’s, salt can carry it again to life. Even when the flavour profile is close to excellent, salt could make it higher. So, is it actually stunning that KFC’s delicious rooster is chock-full of sodium? Nah. That intelligent Colonel Sanders knew precisely what he was doing.

KFC USA Prices

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Here is a list of the latest and most current KFC prices (USA).



Famous Bowl $6.29
Spicy Famous Bowl $6.27
Spicy Famous Bowl Combo $7.38

World Famous Buckets

16 pc. Chicken $39.31
Sides Lovers 8 pc. Chicken Meal $33.80

Family Bucket Meals

16 pc. Family Bucket Meal $55.10
8 pc. Family Fill Up Bucket Meal $31.79

Fill Ups

1 pc. Breast Fill Up $8.20
3 pc. Crispy Tenders Fill Up $9.40
1 Piece Breast Fill Up $5.65
Crispy Colonel Fill Up $6.69
3 Tenders Fill Up $8.66
3 pc. Tenders Fill Up $5.57
KFC Famous Bowl $5.50
Famous Bowl® Fill Up $5.73
Pot Pie Fill Up $5.66

A La Carte Buckets

8 Tenders Bucket $21.31
12 Tenders Bucket $28.78
16 Tenders Bucket $36.75

World Famous Chicken

2 pc. Drum and Thigh Fill Up $8.16
2 pc. Drum & Thigh Combo $5.64
2 pc. Breast & Wing Combo $7.33
3 pc. Chicken Combo $8.61
1 Piece Breast Combo $7.76
4 pc. Chicken Combo $10.41
Kentucky Fried Wings™ Combo $7.01
Hot Wings™ Combo $7.57

A La Carte

A La Carte Crispy Tender $2.72
A La Carte Breast $3.31
Large Popcorn Nuggets $4.94
A La Carte Drum $2.52
A La Carte Thigh $2.55
A la Carte Mac & Cheese Bowl $5.11
A La Carte Wing $2.14
A la Carte Spicy Mac & Cheese Bowl $5.12
A la Carte Tender $2.55


Medium Beverage $2.18
Large Beverage $2.43
1/2 Gallon Beverage Bucket $4.90
Bottled Water $2.63

Dipping Sauces

Buttermilk Ranch $0.25
Finger Lickin’ Good Sauce $0.27
Honey BBQ Sauce $0.28
Classic Ranch $0.35
Honey Mustard Sauce $0.28
KFC Sauce $0.35

In an interview with NPR in 2012, researcher Paul Breslin at Philadelphia’s Monell Heart pointed towards the peculiar paradox of people’ love of salt. “In case you do not sustain your sodium degree in your physique, you will die,” stated Breslin. However, he continued, “there is not any query that individuals who have excessive salt intakes are in danger for a coronary heart assault and stroke and loss of life, and that reducing their salt consumption will save lives.”

Nonetheless, individuals do not let somewhat factor like looming mortality get in the best way of our appreciation for salt. In a single worldwide research of salt consumption globally, researchers discovered that salt could be the unstated common language. “All throughout the planet, with few exceptions, most individuals devour roughly the identical quantity of sodium,” Breslin informed NPR.

This ties into KFC as a result of their fried rooster, as you might need guessed, is extremely salty — per their very own vitamin chart, one Unique Recipe rooster breast has a whopping 1,190 mg of sodium.

Typically the meals that is one of the best is the meals that is fast and inexpensive, and KFC’s rooster is nothing if not each. As outlined by Quick Meals Menu Costs, most of KFCs menu objects are a steal. A two-piece rooster combo will solely set you again $5.99. Shoot, you may get a whole 8-piece fried rooster meal with two giant sides and 4 biscuits all for lower than $22.

Who does not like saving cash? Additionally, it goes with out saying that typically whenever you’re drained and have been coping with work or children or no matter all day, you crave consolation meals. In line with Psychology Immediately, that is regular human habits. “Consuming meals excessive in fats, sugar or salt prompts the mind’s reward system,” the publication explains. “Extremely palatable meals activate the identical mind areas of reward and pleasure which might be lively in drug dependancy.”

So what they’re saying is, yep! You are undoubtedly hooked on KFC, simply as you have suspected for a lot of, a few years. Chalk it as much as your mind’s reward system.

This is one thing you most likely do not give a lot thought to — how your meals “sounds” most likely impacts the best way you suppose it tastes. In a 2015 research, cognitive neurology researchers name sound the “forgotten taste sense” for its significance to our enjoyment of meals. The gist?

“Certainly, it seems that crispness and pleasantness are extremely correlated on the subject of our score of meals,” the research reads. This clearly bodes properly for KFC’s Crispy and Additional Crispy rooster recipes. “The truth is, when you understand simply how essential the sound is to the general multi-sensory expertise, you begin to perceive why it’s that the meals entrepreneurs spend a lot of their time making an attempt to intensify the crispy, crunchy, and crackly sounds of their ads.

It is attainable that our brains affiliate crispness with freshness, thereby signaling to our inside ancestral foragers that the crispy rooster incorporates the sort of nutritional vitamins and vitamins that our our bodies want.

Make no mistake: Contemporary-out-of-the-pressure-cooker KFC fried rooster actually is finger lickin’ good. A brand-new scorching batch is unquestionably one of many causes this quick meals restaurant has maintained its recognition over time. However the actuality is, most of us cannot scarf down all of our order in a single fell swoop. So, we do the conventional, accountable factor — we stash our leftovers within the fridge.

And what? That rooster is simply pretty much as good chilly as it’s piping scorching. What offers? For starters, consuming chilly rooster is not a brand new idea. Earlier than refrigeration existed, individuals within the South stumbled upon the truth that chilly rooster was slightly pleasant. Per Southern Kitchen, Southerners again then started to include it into meals because the centerpiece. And though refrigeration would go on to develop into mainstream, many individuals nonetheless selected to stay with cooled down rooster.

There is a affordable clarification for this, it could appear. “When fried rooster begins to chill down, the pores and skin contracts and bonds itself to the meat. This course of causes the highest a part of the pores and skin to separate barely from the crust, which prevents moisture absorption and sogginess, permitting the breading to take care of its satisfying chomp.


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