Why Is WordPress So Popular With Businesses And Web Designers?

Why Is WordPress So Popular With Businesses And Web Designers

No longer merely a platform for blogging, WordPress has evolved to become an extremely useful digital tool for building websites and managing digital content. Thanks to its simplicity and flexibility, more than 40% of all websites globally, are powered by WordPress, and with a whole host of WordPress website design services available today, businesses are spoilt for choice when it comes to seeking help building their sites. 

If you’re not yet familiar with WordPress and are wondering whether it might benefit your business, here are some factors that make it so popular:

  • It’s free!

It being a free software, WordPress is absolutely free of charge to download, free of charge to install, and free of charge to use and modify according to your needs. that said, while the software is free, you must still pay for a domain name and will need web hosting to get it installed. 

  • It’s super simple to use

You might think that because WordPress is so flexible and so powerful, that using it is complex, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, WordPress is ideal for beginners in web design, and business owners who want to get started with a website to advertise their company. Coming with a straightforward dashboard that has a variety of options on the menu, it’s simple to create both pages and posts, and customise your site, among many other things. 

  • It’s entirely customisable 

The majority of people who use WordPress have no experience in web design and are certainly not programmers, and fortunately, they don’t need to be. For anyone not well versed in the digital world, WordPress is the ideal solution as it offers a wide range of templates to choose from, for website designs. This means that whatever type of business you’re operating, or even if you’re running a blog, there’s a theme that you will suit your needs exactly, and on top of that, they’re easy to customise, too. 

  • It’s SEO compatible

Your website can be engaging, colourful, informative and stylish, but without any visitors, how will it ever be a success? With WordPress, however, that doesn’t need to be a concern, as it’s built with SEO in mind. 

Written using code of a high quality with semantic markup, search engines like Google and Yahoo are smitten with WordPress, making it rank a lot higher than other sites. 

  • It’s safe and secure

Having been developed with cyber security in mind, running a website powered by WordPress – with the help of a London WordPress agency – is very safe and secure. However, you should still heed other methods of cyber security to protect your website from the threat of malware and hackers etc. 

  • It’s not going anywhere

Because WordPress is open-source software that isn’t maintained by one person alone or a single company, it stands a much stronger chance of enduring far longer than other website building creations. Even if it did suddenly disappear, its code can simply be forked by anyone, and it can be relaunched quickly, and easily. In fact, WordPress doesn’t even have a CEO; its name is given by protection by non-profit organisation, the WordPress Foundation, enabling it to carry on growing well into the future. 

As you can see, there are very few negative aspects of WordPress in terms of website design and management, and with a robust community of users, web developers and thousands of small businesses all putting their trust in it, when you opt for a website powered by WordPress, you’re making a business savvy choice. 


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