Why Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) is a Good Idea for Your Enterprise?

Why Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) is a Good Idea for Your Enterprise?

Every fledgling startup requires extra effort, especially when one knows that competition in the corporate jungle is getting fiercer by the day. To ensure that the new enterprise does not suffer, it’s always better to ask for extra help. This will not only make juggling business responsibilities with administrative tasks easier but it will help the new start-up to transition to the next phase smoothly. This is when one needs to hire a virtual assistant (VA) to maintain their daily state of affairs effortlessly.

When the concept of VAs initially came around, the industry was apprehensive about hiring people, who they might never meet. Because virtual assistants were usually that – virtual. However, all caution about remote hiring was thrown to the wind as the pandemic hit the world, changing everything drastically in its wake.

All the doubts that once pestered business conglomerates regarding remote employees or teams, dissolved, since people had no option but to switch their normal work routines to a home office-based one. With things working out in favor of remote working, even in present post-pandemic times, remote work was not something to be scared about. But the new normal.

The Enigma Known as Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant Philippines are hired on a contractual basis by entrepreneurs or SMEs for the completion of specific projects. They are supposed to work for a certain number of hours per week or every month, depending on the length of the said project. Daily VA tasks often normally include customer service and support, administrative duties, social media marketing and management, data entry, accounting, and bookkeeping tasks, along with a gazillion other duties. Although VAs can also be hired for niche projects such as specific assignments in graphic design, for instance, they are originally meant to help out and assist with almost any office-related task.

Moreover, virtual assistants usually provide support with errands that are generally known to eat up valuable time of the full-time personnel when they can spend the same amount of time, energy, and resources on other more significant tasks. The best part is that virtual assistants sometimes don’t even need anything more than a laptop and a stable internet connection. That’s why home offices should always opt for a service like the Mediacom Cedar Rapids Iowa, which is known for facilitating its customers in Cedar Rapids with a reliable connection, fulfilling its promise of zero glitch service for a decent price.

Sometimes virtual assistants are also hired by establishments for technical or specialized projects, such as tax help, where hiring a full-time employee may not entirely be necessary. Here are some reasons why hiring virtual assistants is beneficial to SMEs or harried professionals, who want to skyrocket their growth in their respective vocations:

An Economical Option Ideal for Menial Tasks

Although, a cost-effective option, hiring virtual assistants is quite helpful, especially when the list of office tasks is mundane and repetitive. These usually include answering emails, booking hotels, and filling out expense records or related reports. These may eat away precious office hours but since they need to be completed regularly, it is better to hire temporary help as it does not entail recruiting full-time resources. That’s why, to complete all such menial and regular tasks on time, one should hire an individual, specifically for such tasks only. Just ensure that your virtual assistant utilizes a high-speed and reliable service like the Mediacom Columbia Missouri that’s known for its exceptional connectivity range.

A Decreased Cost of Employee Training

Ideally, the conventional virtual assistant is often a thorough professional who can perform regular administrative tasks with skill and discretion. However, with the expansive growth of the VA industry, competition has also become ruthless and virtual assistants can now be hired for a wide range of technical services as well. What’s more, one can also recruit specialized individuals for performing specific technical tasks independently. Even if a bit of training is involved, their training period and costs are usually quite nominal in comparison to training full-time employees. That’s why entrepreneurs and companies are advised to be specific before beginning the recruiting cycle again. Be clear in your search intent and mention(s) on job forums for specialized hires. One can even specify a certain training period if they have been unsuccessful in their previous attempts. And get started right away!

Free Up Most of the Weekly Schedule for Personal Endeavours

Hiring virtual assistants has another added advantage – their employment can free up their schedule for full-time staff, who now can spend some time on personal endeavors as well. This way, full-time employees won’t be stressed or burned out as they usually were, for the workload would then be shared between them and the new hire. And they will be able to retain a balance between their work life and their family.

Available Even Outside Business Hours

One criterion often clarified by employers is that they require an individual, who can communicate with them, even outside daily business hours. This is especially important if the enterprise regularly deals with an international clientele, who are operating from diverse time zones across the globe. This adaptability is especially handy if one runs a time-sensitive startup or a large corporate venture and wants to get things done quickly, without worrying about contract clauses or employee rights.

The Final Verdict

A common mistake that’s often observed with new start-ups is the mindset that they can manage everything on their own. This thought process limits the growth potential of the new business. But if a VA is hired, then one can be supported with non-core business activities, allowing the new leadership to focus exclusively on commercial stratagems, rather than waste precious time and resources on daily operations.


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