Why Choose Metal Roofing Panels For Commercial Buildings?


Commercial buildings often need new roofs, and there are several reasons to choose a metal roof. The roof design can impact a company’s finances and the quality of its building. Before deciding on a new roof, consider the reasons why MetalMax PBR Panel could be the best choice. 

Read on to know about these reasons.

Extreme Durability

Metallic rooftops have a lot of benefits when it comes to how well they age. They won’t deteriorate as asphalt and shingle roofs do, and they don’t chip and crack like fiberglass or stone tiles. 

Even if your building’s insurance policy covers roof damage, it’s still beneficial to have a metallic roof because it can prevent major damage and, therefore, a raise in insurance premiums.

Can Be Installed Over An Old Rooftop

Metal rooftops can save you money on labor costs by being placed over existing asphalt or fiberglass shingles. 

If your building has shingles that are more than two layers thick, they may need to be removed before you can install metal paneling. In most cases, shingles aren’t placed in more than two layers.

Low-Cost Implementation

At first glance, you may be discouraged by metal roofing systems because they typically cost more than asphalt and fiberglass. However, it is important to compare apples to apples. When you consider that metal roofing systems will often last longer and require less maintenance than their counterparts, they become a much more cost-effective option in the long run. 

Plus, there are many other benefits of metal roofing that make it worth the initial investment, as outlined below.

Fire, Wind, and Hail Resistant

Steel paneling is stronger than other materials often used for roofing, such as asphalt or fiberglass shingles. It can hold up against winds of up to 120 miles per hour without being damaged. 

Additionally, steel paneling is fire resistant and receives an “A” rating on the combustion scale for roofs. This means that when a roof is coated in steel paneling, it can survive in such situations that would damage or destroy other types of rooftops.

Aesthetic Appeal

Metal roofs are not only functional but can also provide an attractive aesthetic when applied to the right building in the right color. They look especially good on modern buildings that feature traditional design elements, such as Victorian gables or Saltbox design.

Can Reduce Unwanted Heating

Surprisingly, metal roofing panels don’t actually attract heat. In fact, their reflective properties make them less heat absorbent than traditional asphalt, tile, shingle, and fiberglass roofing systems. They can also preserve heat in the winter by reflecting it inward from the underside of the roof. Moreover, metal roof panels are usually energy efficient.

No doubt, a metal roof might be the right choice for your building. Here are some factors to keep in mind when you’re making your decision: 

  • How much will it cost to install and maintain in the long run? 
  • How long will it last? 
  • Is it fire resistant and able to withstand bad weather? 
  • How energy efficient is it for your type of building? 
  • Does it look good?

The Final Thoughts:

Finally, it’s important to be informed when choosing a new roof panel for your commercial space. Gather information and ask around before making a decision – get some insight. The best way to choose or maintain your building’s current roofing is by consulting with a roof manufacturing company that specializes in manufacturing commercial roofing panels.


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