Why Are Saucer Chairs Becoming Famous Again?


Chairs are quite a necessary piece of furniture with a wide variety of uses. Whether you are at a function, want to enjoy a movie or just relax and read, it is necessary. However, there are quite a few chair designs and types you can find in the market these days. Known by many names, like the bowl chair, moon or bucket chair, the saucer chair is perhaps the most famous piece of furniture in households nowadays. 

However, what many do not know is that the origin of this chair was inspired by the Papasan chair, which has its roots in the southeastern Philippines. This article further delves into the history of a saucer chair, enlightening you about where it came from and where the design is headed towards. 

What Inspired The Saucer Chair?

Previously known as Papasan, it was made from rattan or wicker, had a similar circular moon-shaped design and could support the body weight without any hassle. Since the inception of bowl chairs, there have been many attempts to use other sturdier and lightweight materials for the chair’s frame. Nevertheless, most other renditions were more rectangular-shaped, with four legs on each side. 

This contrast is what made the bowl chair stand out. Another feature that highlights a Bowl chair is its circular base design. Even though it might get a lot of criticism from traditional users, the weird yet effective base design is what gives the bowl chair its strength. Fortunately, the wide and broad cushions used on these chairs often hide the base, making it look rather stunning until you turn it around. 

Anyone who has used a Papasan chair before already knows the extent of comfort they can expect. This is mainly because the style and size of the cushion used can be customized to maximize comfort. This further adds to the chair’s versatility, making it the perfect seat for almost anyone and everyone. Apart from ensuring a relaxing sleep, the thick cushion has some other uses as well. 

From a health standpoint, the bowl chair can solve the one most common problem people face with wooden or sofa chairs, lower back pain. With the unorthodox design of this chair, that is not something anyone had to worry about again. 

Given the futuristic yet comfortable design of the bowl chair and the natural benefits it has, it quickly became a hit in the market. That said, with people looking for more practicality in the later years, this chair soon lost its charm to the wooden and plastic models. 

Where Is It Now?

In more recent years, you will see this chair making a comeback for its sheer versatility and aesthetics. There have been a few new changes made to its comfort, making sure it is more practical without losing its charm. For instance, they have made changes to the seating angle and rectified the connected legs.

In addition, they have also replaced rattan, which Papasan chairs were previously made of, metal. With More people are now choosing saucer chairs over recliners or sofas to save not only space but also money and enhance efficiency. It also adds to the now famous ‘minimalistic’ trend of interior designs. This only makes saucer chairs the better buy today if you are looking for an easy-to-use but beautiful chair.


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