Why Are Bookshelf Speakers So Expensive?

Bookshelf speakers
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People can’t differentiate between different types of speakers. They find the difference between the bookshelf and floor-standing speakers quite confusing. However, their name tells the main contrast between them. Companies make bookshelf speakers smaller than floor-standing speakers. People place these speakers on shelves and in high places. They are not placed on the floor. Whereas, other speakers are placed on the floors. The price of bookshelf speakers is a bit high. People often ask why bookshelf speakers are so expensive. This all is due to the technology and price of the pieces of equipment used in these speakers.

Few of the factors that increase the cost:

There are some of the factors that increase its price might be:

Compact shape:

The companies have to place all the necessary pieces of types of equipment in a small space. The size of these speakers is much smaller than the other ones. Moreover, the sound quality should be the best. Companies have to reduce the size of the components while keeping the quality at the same level. They have to spend money on research to find new technology. Therefore, it increases the cost of these speakers. Also, few buyers want speakers that are compact in shape and appealing in style. So that when they place the speakers in their homes, they look beautiful.

Best build-quality:

People place these speakers on shelves or in higher places. There are more chances that the speaker might fall. If it falls, it might break or some of the components might be displaced. So, the companies need to use components that are resistant to damage. They have to spend extra money on buying the best quality raw materials. Whereas, other speakers are present on the floors. Even if they tilt and fall, they will only have minor scratches. Whereas, whereas things are different for bookshelf speakers. The company has to provide tough speakers which can handle falls and stay safe.


Floor standing speakers are present on floors and the weight of the speakers is not a problem. Whereas people place bookshelf speakers on the shelves or in higher places. Companies have to keep this point in mind while making the speakers. They not only need to fir the components in a smaller place, but they also have to decrease the overall weight of the speakers. This is important for their usage. Moreover, it also makes the shifting of these speakers much easier, this portability is one important factor that people see before buying the speakers. This might also explain why bookshelf speakers are so expensive? 

Up-to-date outlook:

These speakers must look beautiful when people place them on their shelves. If they look dull and boring, no one would like to buy the speakers. They will look for other options in the market. Therefore, companies have to produce beautiful-looking speakers. For this, they need to use extra paint, stickers and whatnot. They need to provide a fine and luxurious finish to the speakers. Also, the speakers must be colourful to make the atmosphere vibrant and beautiful. Companies have to use creative ideas to make speakers look attractive. This also increases the cost of the speakers. These appealing styles of speakers make your room look amazing. Many buyers purchase these speakers because of their modern and beautiful look. 

Are they worth it?

When people are spending so many dollars on a product, they also need to know if it is worth the money or not. They can’t spend their precious money on a product that will not last long. We listed the main factors which increase the cost of these speakers. Now do all these factors affect the quality of sound output? No, it does not. The sound quality is perfect, and the bass is good too. Therefore, people will enjoy these speakers while watching movies or listening to music. They are portable so people can carry them to picnics or parties and enjoy the music. Moreover, the facility of Bluetooth connectivity is also available. It lets you connect any supported device with the speakers

These speakers are colourful and add a unique touch to your room. They make the shelves more vibrant and noticeable. They are worth all your money. So, you can give a try to these speakers as they are worth buying. I assure you that you will not regret buying these speakers. 

Some cheaper options:

Some people want bookshelf speakers, but they also do not want to spend extra money. They look for the best bookshelf speakers for under $500. They will find many options on the internet. However, they will have to sacrifice some of their demanded specs due to the low price range. We will tell them the perfect speaker that they can get for less than 500 dollars. It will provide the best sound and best bass along with good aesthetics also.

Klipsch has one of the speakers that are available for around $400 on Amazon. This speaker is powerful enough to fill the whole room with rich and natural sound. Moreover, the shape and colour of the speakers are also quite beautiful. They are rectangular with a black body and golden sound grills. This will give a good contrasting look to your shelves. Moreover, the company has used the latest technology to ensure that the speakers run for a long time. People can use them for home cinema as well. Moreover, they can also place these speakers on the floor. So, they can enjoy the benefits of bookshelf and floor-standing speakers by spending only $400. These are the best choice in this price range.


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