Where & How to Watch and Stream Sling Free Online


Sling Free is the ultimate answer by Sling TV to several ad-supported free streaming platforms such as Pluto TV, Xumo, or Tubi. It is the best way to test out Sling TV without worrying about the free-trial period ending before the first monthly payment is due.  

The best part about Sling TV’s Sling Free is that you do not have to provide card or bank credentials before hopping on to this free video streaming platform. You might not find the content library of Sling Free as broad as the other streaming platforms with subscription charges. Still, for a service that does not cost you a dime, the selection of movies and TV shows offered by Sling Free suffices for decent entertainment when bored. 

What is Sling Free and How to Watch It?

Sling Free is an offer by Sling TV – a live video and TV streaming service like Hulu or YouTube live TV. The subscription fee is the feature setting Sling Free apart from the other options. Most other live TV streaming platforms start at about $35 per month. Therefore, a subscription service that charges nothing and is free, of course, trumps others! 

Sling TV offers other paid plans such as Sling Orange and Sling Blue live TV plans. Though the exact number of videos available for streaming on Sling Free varies over time, thousands of free TV shows and movies are available at any given time. 

Another vital feature of Sling Free is its friendly and easy user interface that is intelligently broken down into various sections and subsections for smooth navigation. It has an option to choose between live programming and On Demand programs. You might not find the latest Marvel superhits in the On Demand section, but if you are into sci-fi cheese, such as Mega Snake, and biker dramas like Renegade, Sling Free has it all!  

Accessing Sling Free 

Sling Free is easily accessible by visiting sling.com on any compatible browser, including Chrome, Safari, or Edge. You can also access it by downloading the Sling TV app. Once you download the app, visit the website, and log into your account, select “Explore Free Shows.” Subsequently, My TV page loads up endless rows of TV shows and movies that you can select and watch any time for free. 

Another option is to select the Guide tab that leads you to a list of live channels available for Sling Free. Some news channels are unavailable on Sling Free and are limited to paid versions. Also, some sports channels and on-demand movies you find in the list are labeled “subscribe,” – implying you have to pay to watch them. Switching to the paid version means you have now entered into Sling TV, not Sling Free. 

Sling Free Channels 

Sling Free offers more than 80 channels, about half live-looping, while the other half consists of on-demand content. Some channels on Sling Free are familiar content hubs, such as AMC and Discovery. However, you might also encounter some never-heard content hubs such as Choppertown or Kabillion. 

Some of the other channels offered by Sling Free include:

  • AMC+ (on demand) 
  • Comedy Dynamics Network (On demand) 
  • DangerTV (on demand) 
  • AMC Presents (live) 
  • A&E (on demand) 
  • Buzzr (live and on-demand) 
  • Discovery (on demand) 

Watching Sling Free Outside the US 

We are familiar with the licensing issues that impose geo-restrictions on various video streaming platforms. These restrictions result in the blockage of services outside the designated location. Similar is the case with Sling Free, as it is only licensed to be available in the US. 

What about the viewers outside the US not wanting to miss out on the shows? Well, here comes the role of a reliable VPN that masks your actual location outside of the US and lets you choose an IP address from within the US. You can easily download VPN like Ivacy VPN and continue watching Sling Free without a glitch. 

One of the most incredible uses of VPNs is to opt for a virtual location of your choice and trump all the geo-restrictions. The process is quite simple. You can choose one location from the list upon downloading and signing up for a VPN. Now, depending on the VPN service provider having servers in major parts of the world, you can easily select any location from the US and surf the internet as a US citizen. 

All you have to do is to connect your VPN and visit sling.com or start the Sling TV app. The IP address handles the rest as it makes you appear to be in the US, thus, lifting the licensing restrictions. 

Is Sling Free Worth It? 

Not that anyone is forcing you to watch Sling Free, but knowing the content you will get and miss out on plays a significant role in deciding whether Sling Free is worth it. Sling Free offers a wide variety of content without any charges, hidden or whatsoever, which suffices if you do not crave the latest shows and movies. You can watch the reruns of The Walking Dead on AMC Presents to pass the time without burning a hole in your pocket.


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