What to use as rolling paper or as a substitute for rolling paper?

What to use as rolling paper

Do you have any cigarette paper left? It may surprise you how many different ways there are to consume tobacco and marijuana. What to use as rolling paper?

In fact, there are probably plenty of things around you right now that you could use as rolling paper. Some of them are explain here,


Bongs, also known as water pipes, are tabletop devices that include a water chamber and a bowl. They are bulky and can be expensive, but they are extremely effective and simple to use.

The popularity of bongs is not due to their simplicity; the smoke passes through a water chamber, resulting in a filtered, smooth hit. As a result, bongs are one of the best choices for cough-free tobacco or weed consumption.

Bongs come in an indifferent way and composition. Consider a glass pipe or bubbler for a more compact solution.

Glass Tubes:

Pipes are the most sought-after tobacco and herb smoking accessories. They do not have a water chamber to smooth the smoke like bongs. However, glass pipes are the most simple and inexpensive way to smoke.

Glass pipes are widely available in most stores around the world. If you search for what to use as a rolling paper, you’re much more likely to find one near you.

You can also try smoking with a bubbler, which is a hybrid of a bong and a pipe. They’re typically made of glass and have a small water chamber to purify the smoke.


Vaping is not the same as smoking. Instead of burning herbs or tobacco, vape devices will be used to extract vaporizer nicotine liquid or cannabis oil.

Some devices function similarly to traditional cigarettes, activating automatically when you draw. You can now choose from hundreds of vape devices made by dozens of manufacturers. The other popular types are:

  • Modular box pods
  • Pods for vaping
  • E-cigarettes and vape pens

Furthermore, vapes are inexpensive and widely available. Most cities have a number of vape shops. Put another way, you can order them at a reasonable price from shopping websites.

Notebook or Book Paper:

What can you use as a rolling paper if you do n’t have any smoking supplies? It’s simple. As a simple solution, look for books and notebooks with extra-thin paper and the least amount of ink on the pages.

Pages from the Bible, believe it or not, are extremely thin and make an excellent substitute for rolling paper. Receipts, checks, and phone books, on the other hand, are poor substitutes. The ink is generally too heavy, and the paper burns too quickly, ruining the smoking expertise.

Cigarettes Are Empty:

Cigarettes can be found almost anywhere. However, instead of smoking them, they can be used to roll a joint without the use of rolling paper.

Simply twist the cigarette about with your fingers to clear the contents. Because cigarette paper is fragile and prone to tearing, use caution. Fill it with your favorite tobacco or herbs after the tobacco has been removed from the paper. For the best smoking experience, we recommend replacing the cigarette filter with a cardboard one or wanting to get rid of it completely.

Instructions in Steps

  • To delete the contents of a cigarette, carefully twist it.
  • Fill it with your own herbs or tobacco.
  • Replace the carbon filter if desired.

Bottles of Water

Plastic bottles work well as water pipes substitutes. This improvised device is known as a “gravity bowl,” and it is one of the most elegant herb usage techniques.

To make original, you’ll need the following components:

  • Two plastic bottles (ideally 1-liter and 2-liter or larger)
  • Things piercing (box cutter, knife, scissors, etc.)
  • Tinfoil

The larger bottle will serve as a water chamber, while the smaller one will serve as a bowl and a mouthpiece.

Aside from these, there are numerous other items that can be used as rolling paper, such as

  • Hot Knives
  • Tin Foil
  • Corn Husks
  • Apple Pipe


As you can see, people will smoke almost anything. If you use your imagination, you can always figure out how to roll a joint without rolling paper.

Ideally, you’ll plan ahead of time and buy rolling papers before you need them.


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