What to do if you fell on an uneven sidewalk?




Sidewalk Accidents: Common Examples and How to Prevent Them

A study revealed that the number of accidents that occur to pedestrians while walking on the sidewalk is increasing every year. Most of these deaths were at night because of the low lights on the sidewalk. Due to the dimmed light, pedestrians couldn’t identify cracks, uneven bumps, or broken patches and injured themselves. As suggested by a Jersey City slip and fall attorney, here is what to do if you fell on an uneven sidewalk:

Understand your injuries

When you have been injured, the first thing you must do is acknowledge your injuries. Understand where you have got hurt and whether you are in a condition to walk back home or need immediate medical assistance. If you feel you have sustained severe injuries, call for help or an ambulance immediately. 

Take pictures of the spot

It might be difficult to think about what to do when you are in pain. But you should take pictures of the accident spot or ask your friends or family who were with you when the accident occurred. Having pictures of the accident spot will help you if you want compensation or file a lawsuit.

Talk to witnesses

To prove an accident was not your fault, you need witnesses to say that in your favor. So if you identify someone on the sidewalk around you who noticed the reason behind your accident, talk to them and know how you can contact them if there is a lawsuit and you need their testimony.

Contact an attorney

If you are injured due to an uneven sidewalk, the authorities are liable and you are eligible for compensation. Or if your loved one or family has lost their life due to this accident, even then you can claim compensation for the loss suffered by you. So you should consult an attorney to file a lawsuit and determine your compensation.

In sidewalk accidents, you might be unaware of who to contact, and which authority is liable and should pay you compensation for your damages and medical bills. When injured, first seek medical attention and then store your bills so that you can determine the right amount of compensation you should be receiving. If you have a good attorney, they will help you with all the minute things that involve a legal case. In addition, they will help you get the desired amount via negotiations so that you can at least reduce your financial burden. 




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