What is the PMP Certification Eligibility criteria?


If a candidate’s resume holds the respective certification, then the same is preferred for the respective job opportunity in comparison to the other candidates. The validation of the skills and abilities of the individual is done by PMP. This is so because the respective test or exam has been the toughest certification examination and passing the same shows the immense hard work and efforts of the candidate.

Satisfaction with pmp certification eligibility is a must for successfully clearing the respective certification exam. For the aspirants who satisfy the eligibility basics or requirements and achieve the passing score in the respective certification exam, the doors to a better scope of career/ profession or attained knowledge and skills are opened. The respective certification is at present the most popular and globally accepted validation proof of the candidate’s skills and experience as a project manager. The 2 basic features of the same are the seriousness of project management and training in addition to immense knowledge and skills recognition of the individual globally. The respective certification validates your project management techniques and skills. 

Eligibility concern in the context

The interest of the employer in the resume of a candidate who owns the respective certification is unmatched. Since these are certified experts, the companies opt to hire them to read the benefits of their knowledge and talent. 

But before applying for appearance and the respective exam you must go through the eligibility requirements for the same. The basic eligibility requirement is mentioned under:

  • The candidate must hold a secondary-level degree for applying for the certification exam.
  • Additionally, a work experience of 7 thousand 5 hundred hours is necessary for being a professional leader capable of directing projects. 
  • Moreover, the qualification of at least 35 hours in the project management course is an essential requirement for pursuing the same.

On the contrary, the aspirants who have passed their 4-year graduation course and secured a bachelor’s degree successfully with 4 thousand 5 hundred leading hours in direction of projects + qualification of at least 35 project management hours also work well.

A detailed description of eligibility concerning the same 

Educational Qualification

As far as educational qualifications are concerned the respective aspirant should be well trained in reading, executing and preparing reports and plans and should be supportive in working with improvised project concepts for making efficient decisions.

Moreover, the following eligibility criteria are concerned while applying for the respective course.

  • A bachelor’s degree or the global equivalent with at least three years of project management experience.
  • In case, you don’t have a four-year degree, you need to have a secondary diploma (high school or global equivalent) with at least project management experience of 5 years.

Eligibility concerning experience

As far as experience is concerned the aspirant should be a responsible project initiator. Working following planning, designing, executing, monitoring, controlling, and finally finalizing the project should be the fields of expertise. Understanding responsibility and possessing project management skills also form an efficient part of the eligibility criteria. Moreover, a minimum of 7 thousand 5 hundred hours of experience as mentioned above is necessary for the same. 

Last but not least training forms are an essential part of the eligibility criteria

Certified PMP Career and success in the same isn’t possible without that training sessions. As already mentioned at least the training of 35 hours in the field and the capability to support the live working projects is the most important factor that guides the respective certification process. 

With the advanced technology it is very easy for students to doing their assignments in electronic form and saved them to cloud storage, they remain safely stored online to be used whenever you want.


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