What is the eligibility for CCBA Certification?

CCBA Certification

This article will talk about the overview of IIBA certification. Further, we dive into the CCBA certification & all its eligibility requisites, exam pattern, and fees. Many of us are not aware of IIBA, & we do not want to demean you. But it is the reality that we have to face upfront. The reason many of us do not know about IIBA is that this is a specialist certification conferring body that holds world recognition indistinctively recognizing Business Analyst in the domain of Business Analysis.

IIBA Overview

The International Institute of Business Analysis has helped many of its members grow tremendously as professionals and have also guided them with knowledge and information about performing their job effectively. The online library alone is worth its weight in gold; you can hunt for any book and find it at your fingertip. It also provides you means & resources that help you network and grow. Take, for instance, its online and offline conferences; here, you meet with industry experts and mentors and get a chance to club with newbies.

The IIBA has specific special interest groups for networking to grow within the industry. In simple terms, business analysis supports organizations to make better decisions, create better solutions, and deliver lasting value. In a recent survey, the Business analysis has shown to play a critical role in organizations’ success in addressing change in today’s digital marketplace. Sharing a common understanding of business analysis principles and practices is not always easy within organizations. Until now, to accommodate us all speak the same language, IIBA has realized Certification of Capability in Business Analysis or CCBA.


The IIBA has designed this certification for individuals with widespread knowledge of business analysis. The certified individuals are proficient in recognizing the business’s needs so that the most appropriate solution; identified & implemented. The CCBA designation is a professional certification for individuals with some business analysis experience.

Value & Prerequisite of CCBA

CCBA is the most rapidly growing professional course that has increased its significance to many past these years. An individual with CCBA certification adds more benefits to their organization, allowing them to open prospects for growth and new job avenues. It demonstrates knowledge of the skills necessary to be an effective BA.

The certification develops a professional level of competence in the principle and practice of Business Analysis. This certification requires that you have 3750 hours of BA experience with a minimum of 900 hours of experience in two of the six Knowledge Areas or KAs. You need to complete a minimum of 21 contact training hours with the last four years agreeing with IIBA’s code of conduct and terms of condition.

The exam for CCBA is MCQ based exam with 180 mins to complete your test. This exam needs to be scheduled and taken a tan IIBA.

They approved the testing center. And you need to apply before you take the exam. The application fees are $125, while the exam voucher is $325 for IIBA members and $450 for non-members.

How to pass this certification?

Here are a few quick tips of things you need to know to ensure that you can pass this certification exam because it is challenging. The first thing first memorize the knowledge Areas, do not spoil the chance if you think that you are someone who learns the concept and doesn’t love to remember, probably that’s not going to work out well here. In this certification, you have to be well aware of the KAs; being prompt with BABOK guide terms is quintessential.

You must start with breaking down the six BA knowledge Areas, and further break them down into their tasks & then, you need to break them further to

  • Inputs
  • Elements
  • Outputs
  • Techniques

The techniques can be a little tricky because so many Knowledge Areas and tasks share them. So we recommend going through each method and understanding the usage in detail, not just the definition. Try to make sense with your learning to better tackle questions in the exam.

Coming to “competencies,” they are probably the easiest part because they involve generalized skills, analytical thinking, analytic skills & pretty familiar terms in the BA profession.


Now, be sure that if you do not appear ample amount of practice tests and simulated exams, then you will fail.


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