What is OCR – How does it work?




Optical character recognition which is also known as OCR is the electronic conversion of handwritten or printed text into digital text format like .txt, .docx, or others. In the past it was impossible to convert handwritten text to digital format because it required manual effort. But today you don’t have to worry about putting manual efforts because you have online image to text converter tools. In this post we are going to tell you about how OCR actually works.

Know that the jpg to text OCR concept was introduced almost hundred years ago. Over the century the OCR tech has been improvising and today has become almost 100% accurate when it comes to scanning handwritten or printed text and extracting contents from it.

How does OCR work?

The OCR working principle is quite simple and straightforward. Here we have divided the working of OCR tools in steps and have discussed them below. If you want to convert jpg to text then you read to read on these steps.

Document Scanning

The first step in the working of the image to text converter online free tools is scanning of documents. You should know that to get accurate text extraction you have to make sure that the document is scanned properly or the OCR tech would fail to recognize the contents. You need to make sure that you place the paper or the document down vertically or horizontally on a stable sheet. Now this step is only important if you are scanning a picture. If you already have an image or PDF file then the image to text converter would simply work with it.

Refining of the image

The next phase in the working of jpg to text converter is refining of the image. The OCR software is going to improve the visibility of the characters which it feels like they need to be extracted. The edges of the letters or numbers would become clearer for the extraction process. In simple words, the image to text converter is going to make the picture clear. 


The next step is to align all the text together and convert it into a binary texture of black and white. This helps the recognition algorithms to work properly and extract all sorts of fonts from the image. This is a very important step which contributes to the accuracy of results produced by the image to text converter.

Identification of characters

The next step is characterizing the text on the image. You must know that every jpg to text converter online tool which is powered by OCR is going to have a database which can match the text to binary digits. All the characters in the image or scanned copy are going to be converted into the binary form which is recognized by the database of OCR tools.

Ensuring accuracy 

Once the characters are in binary form the image to text converter is going to analyze the data and find any kind of errors in it. The document would be corrected with the help of AI and internal dictionaries aligned with the online OCR tool.

Production of digital file

The last step after the code has been refined is conversion in digital text. The tool would extract text from image and would get it in the output box. Now the user can copy the extracted text in their clipboard or they can also download it in Word document format. 

This is how the modern image to text or OCR tools work. The accuracy of the results is close to 100% which is why you need to try using them.



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