What Happens If You Have an Untreated Head Injury to a Car Accident?


Brain injuries can be quite serious. Your brain controls vital functions such as movement, memory, and mood. If you sustain any kind of head trauma, your brain can be damaged, leading to symptoms and complications. 

An untreated head injury can have long-term effects that can be serious. If you have sustained a blow to your head during a car accident, you should seek immediate medical attention. Also, seek legal advice from a car accident attorney to know about your options and rights. An untreated head injury can lead to the following long-term complications:

Persistent Migraines and Headaches

Usually, brain injuries lead to persistent headaches and migraines. Chronic headaches can worsen over time, affecting your quality of life. You can go through this for several weeks or months. Sometimes, it can be permanent suffering. Even if you get treatment, a brain injury can still leave you suffering from headaches. 

Mental Health Issues

Aside from physical complications, you may also sustain cognitive and emotional issues due to an untreated head injury. Not seeking medical attention can increase your risk of anxiety and depression. Also, you may experience personality changes, feelings of aggression, and mood swings. 


An untreated head injury can lead to ongoing seizures that can start right after the brain trauma. Sometimes, seizures can develop until several months or years after the accident. 

Sleep Issues

A head injury can leave you unable to sleep properly at night. You may wake up many times and experience excessive daytime sleepiness. If you lack sleep, you can sustain serious mental and emotional health issues, leading to further hardship. 


If you do not seek proper medical care, your head injury can increase your risk of death. This can happen if you have moderate to serious brain trauma. You can develop deadly complications like embolism and sepsis. In addition, the trauma’s emotional and mental impacts can increase your risk of suicide. 

Usually, head injuries result from accidents due to the negligence of another party such as car accidents. If you sustained brain trauma because of another person’s negligent actions, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. An experienced car accident attorney can help you take legal action. 

Depending on the circumstances and facts of your case, your attorney can help you pursue a car accident claim or lawsuit against the party who caused the accident. Your lawyer can guide you through each step of the litigation process and help you recover the compensation you are eligible for. 


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