What Are The Key Features Of Custom Printed Boxes Wholesale Must Have

custom product boxes wholesale

One of the easiest ways to present your products in an aesthetically pleasing manner is by packaging them in custom-printed boxes wholesale. They give the product a more professional look. Moreover, by choosing fine-quality custom boxes you also define the quality of your products.

Generally speaking, custom boxes are good for your brand because they benefit your products by getting noticed. When you have a product that is competing against many of the same kind and is fairly commonplace, unique packaging can be the thing that makes it stand out.

If you have ever had the opportunity of working with custom-printed boxes, you will know that they are a great way to respect the needs of your products. Custom boxes are great for many reasons because they can be fitted in any size and shape. They are a useful way to showcase your items and merchandise, but picking the right ones requires careful consideration of what will be necessary.

Moreover, these boxes are an important part of any business strategy. Whether you’re mailing letters or fragile electronics, building a custom box will keep your products safe from harm and looking great at their destination.

With that in mind let’s discuss some key features of custom printed boxes wholesale that make it worth the hype:


One of the most important things when it comes to custom boxes wholesale is their durability. When you ship your products, you are unaware of the conditions they’ll have to come across e.g. weather, dirt, rough handling, etc. So it’s important that your box can withstand all the uncertain circumstances and is water resistant to a certain extent in order to protect the product inside. Because the last thing your customer wants is to get disfigured or damaged items.

Weight of the box:

Another important thing is the weight of the custom kraft boxes. The lighter the box the better, as it will make it easier for the consumers to carry it around. You don’t want to give them a hard time holding the boxes and it’s important to make them as efficient as possible. Furthermore, lightweight means being stackable—which will help with the storage space and protect the items stacked on top of each other.


Custom-printed boxes wholesale must be easy to assemble and disassemble. It’s important since as quickly it can be assembled or disassembled, the rate of efficiency will increase. Which will prove to be beneficial for the business in the end. Not only that, it should not be a  complication for the person using it to make sense of the mechanism. The thought of assembling or disassembling your boxes shouldn’t make someone anxious. The key to making your customers come back for more is in the way you cater to their needs.

Protective lining:

An added layer of lining in your custom boxes will further help protect the items inside during shipping.

This will prevent the item from getting damaged throughout the transit and make sure that customers get the full value of the products they paid for. If you don’t want a protective lining or think it’s out of your budget you can always opt for bubble wrap or packing peanuts(the loose little Styrofoam pellets) to fill in any space in the box. These items are cheaper and provide light cushioning for fragile items. But for heavier items more sustainable materials should be used.


Custom bottle neckers are essential for product packaging. They help make sure that your products get to their destination in one piece so that they can be used right away. Custom boxes built specifically for each product ensure that the contents of each box are protected, as well as provide an extra layer of support during shipping. The extra time and effort it takes to custom-build boxes can be a hassle, but the result is a package that will not only hold up during transport but also display your products in a way that makes them stand out from the crowd. Choose your custom boxes wisely, something you need according to your needs when it comes to these boxes, and make the best of it.


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