Twister 2 In Talks With Minari’s Lee Isaac Chung To Direct


The sequel to Twister has been in talks with Minari’s Lee Isaac Chung to direct, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Sara Scott and Jacqueline Garell are overseeing the film. They also announced that Helen Hunt will be returning for the sequel, as the mother of a storm-chasing daughter.

Helen Hunt will return as the mother of her storm-chasing daughter

The original Twister is one of the most popular disaster movies of all time. The film’s success helped ignite the epic disaster movie genre. And now it’s getting a sequel. But can it live up to its own hype?

The original film followed storm chasers in Oklahoma. Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton played the leads. However, the film received mixed reviews. The film grossed $494 million worldwide. The movie also had the distinction of being the first Hollywood movie to be released on DVD.

Universal Pictures is pursuing the idea of bringing Hunt back to the big screen. The studio is reportedly trying to get Hunt to re-join the studio and play the mother of the storm-chasing daughter in the sequel.

There are several potential directors for the project. One of them is Travis Knight. The other is Joseph Kosinski.

Helen Hunt hoped to work on the script. She even pitched a sequel to the studio, but the studio rejected her pitch.

Lee Isaac Chung’s involvement has not been officially confirmed

As the sequel to the 1996 disaster film “Twister” is in development, director Lee Isaac Chung is in talks to take the helm. He has a personal connection to the project and is reportedly the front-runner for the job.

The film originally focused on two storm chasers in Oklahoma, Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt, who must work together to create a weather alert system. It was a hit movie when it debuted in 1996, grossing nearly $500 million at the global box office. However, it wasn’t a critical hit. It’s unclear what direction the sequel will head, but it’s likely to focus on dangerous tornadoes.

It’s not yet clear who will star in the remake. A few of the original cast members are in the mix. Todd Field, Philip Seyour Hoffman, and Alan Ruck are all on the roster.

The film is being financed and produced by Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, and Amblin Entertainment. It’s been in development since 2020, and there’s no release date yet. The script is being written by The Revenant’s Mark L. Smith, and production is being overseen by Universal’s executive vice president of production Sara Scott.

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The sequel’s script has not been officially confirmed

A sequel to the 1996 disaster film, Twister, is in the works. Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment are working on the project, which will be co-financed by Warner Bros. A script is already written, and the project is scheduled to begin shooting in spring.

The original film followed Dr. William Harding (Bill Paxton) and his daughter, Jo (Helen Hunt). They are both storm chasers who want to build an advanced weather alert system.

The original was a huge hit and earned two Oscar nominations. It was also a box office hit with nearly $500 million worldwide.

The Twisters sequel is in the development stage at Universal, but it’s not officially confirmed. Although, the studio is talking to a lot of directors, including Free Solo’s Jimmy Chin and Kubo and the Two Strings’ Travis Knight. The film will be produced by Frank Marshall, who is also behind the Kennedy/Marshall production banner.

The script is written by Mark L. Smith, who is also a writer for The Revenant. Steven Spielberg read the script and has been interested in the project. The producer has not yet chosen a director for the movie, but it is expected to be a big one.

The sequel will be overseen by Sara Scott and Jacqueline Garell

The sequel to the 1996 blockbuster hit Twister is slated to begin shooting this spring. This follow-up to the disaster thriller is being produced by Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures and is set to be co-financed. The script is being written by Mark L. Smith, who also wrote the original movie.

Storm Chasers follows a scientist named Jo Harding, who finds herself in the path of an F-5 tornado. She is forced to work with her estranged husband Bill Paxton, a former storm chaser, as they develop a system to detect deadly twisters. They must find a way to escape a tornado that is destroying their town and launch test equipment to see if they can develop a tornado warning system.

The film is being financed by Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures, and is being executive-produced by Steven Spielberg. While no talent has been signed up to star in the film, the studio is looking to fast-track its production for a spring shoot.

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