Tradeshow Tricks – Exhibition Counters


Exhibition design starts with the backdrop and ends with the accessories. Exhibition stand accessories are powerful marketing tools and will enhance an exhibition space with ease.

Exhibition counters are a popular choice as it’s useful, welcomes more custom design and greets attendees in a professional way.

As you may know, exhibitions are expensive, so what if you can have a counter, without breaking the bank? Those who aren’t familiar with exhibitions might not be aware that as part of most Pop Up Exhibition Stands, the counter is already included- it’s just in disguise.

The carry case in which all printed panels and Pop Up hardware, can be transformed from a boring, yet extremely functional carry case, into a customized exhibition counter. Upgrade kits are available to utilize the case with the addition of a printed graphic wrap and acrylic top.

The printed graphic wrap secures around the case, whilst the acrylic top sits on the lid. Creating a robust and flat surface to use as a welcome desk or to display smaller products and samples.

Why choose the storage carry case counter?

Cost Effective

As you already have the case from trendknowlege. com, all you need is the upgrade kit.

Opting for the upgrade kit with the graphic wrap and acrylic top is significantly less than selecting a whole new counter unit.

Space Saving

Transporting various components to the venue can be hard, but in this case, it’ll be hardly noticeable. Not only can the graphic wrap and top fit perfectly on the outside, but there will alsobe enough space on the inside for storage and transportation.

Customer Greeting

Presenting the business and giving your stand visitors the best greeting is part of customer service. When there is a dedicated point for the counter and a person there to meet and greet, it sets the conversation off to a positive start.

Also making the team visible and easy to find when help is required.

Floor Space

The point of the carry case is to make it easy to transport, so the size is perfect for a counter. Not big and bulky, but large enough to be an integral part of the design and to hold some products.

Floor space is precious so making the most of your stand and optimizing the space in the best possible way will leave the floor open for visitors.


Any excuse to have further branding is a good excuse.

Whilst the graphic wrap is small part of the display stand, there’s plenty of space to add a logo and a web address. The carry case will be an effective tool to tie the branding together and accessorise in a functional way.



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