Top ways to maximise space while renovating your property in Dubai

Top ways to maximise space while renovating your property in Dubai

Dubai is a continually clamouring city with local people and expats alike. There’s a predominantly remarkable air joined to it while leading a life. Also, that is one of the prime reasons there are various properties in Dubai. Whether it’s a 1 or 2-bhk for rent in Dubai Marina or a 5-room estate in Palm Jumeirah, there’s a great deal for each taste and budget. 

Regardless of how well-maintained your Dubai home is, some styling tweaks never go out of style. It’s possible that the furniture no longer catches the sunlight due to blockage or if it’s too bulkier. Or else the wall paint is worn out. Whatever the case, what if you could make additional space in your property while renovating it with the basics? Sounds productive, right?

While renovation appears to be a straightforward task to many, it’s equally exhausting to others. Yet, the latter isn’t true, but just a myth. Let’s put an end to your miseries below. 

How to Make Your Property in Dubai Spacious?

  • Replace the Bulky Renovating Furniture:

Replacing outdated furniture with sleek pieces can reflexively bring a lot of excess space to your property. Even if you’re obsessed with the old, bulky furniture of your home only because it’s memorable, it is certainly not going to work in the long haul. It’s because modern problems need modern solutions. So, if you ever need additional space, it’s wiser to shift the furniture rather than the property. In addition, it’s mandatory for a modish lifestyle approach. 

  • Use Wallpapers Renovating creatively:

Wallpaper can do wonders to your property if chosen correctly. For instance, if you’ve already removed bulky and unnecessary furniture pieces, try covering the void with colourful wallpaper on the back wall. Moreover, the same process can be repeated while choosing the wall paints. However, if you’re in a rental apartment or townhouse in Dubai, remember that you’ll have to return to the original wall colour while leaving the premises since it’s included in UAE’s rental policies. 

  • Growing a Home Garden Renovating:

While the majority of villas and townhouses in Dubai come with well-organized gardens, that’s not the case with apartments. And if you’ve got one, setting up a home garden is vital. Since Dubai stays on the hotter side most of the year, it’s quite challenging to grow anything. And that’s why many residents skip this part. However, the process isn’t implausible but a bit diligent. Not only do plants bring a sense of belonging, but they also make your balcony a productive area with spaciousness. 

  • Add in Center Rug pieces:

Often a wooden and tiled floor makes a property look cold and uninviting. Yet, a slight addition of a tiny rug or a carpet automatically makes the space homely. The best part of the renovation tip is that it’s highly inexpensive and makes your living room appear spacious. The look of a brightly-crafted carpet dares to lighten up the room even when there’s insufficient light. 

  • Hanging Mirrors:

When looking for unique ways to make your home seem bigger than it is in reality, so hanging up mirrors around it is a go-to solution. Mirrors create an illusionary effect which is great for the interior design of a small room. However, enhancing the size of a property isn’t the only benefit of hanging mirrors. Instead, it makes a great decorative item by turning a bare wall into an eye-catching affair. Likewise, putting up a large and unfiltered mirror in your restrooms will have a similar effect.  

  • Change the Layout of your Property

If the desire for spaciousness is still there and budgeting isn’t an issue, you may proceed with a different home layout. Remember that it’s a crucial decision, and you’ll need to consider multiple factors before hiring a Dubai property renovation expert. 

And for that cause, you might determine that all the rooms, for instance, the guest bedrooms, are redundant and can be repurposed, or if the walls can be eliminated between the rooms. However, the process must be done while keeping the property’s structural integrity alive. 

Final Thoughts:

Regardless if you’ve got apartments for rent in Business Bay or townhouses in Dubai Sports City, finding different ways of improving the entire appearance of your home is something that everyone aspires to do. And while there are numerous ways of modifying the property to your preferences, implementing the above strategies can hopefully achieve the ultimate goal of spacious living. 


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