Tips to Improve Your Google Ads Performance


Google Ads are becoming more popular in day-to-day life. Today, almost every website uses Google Ads in the form of digital advertising. These ads generate higher clicks when SEO or SEM are integrated properly.

Moreover, in a world full of paid searches, there are ways to experience improved performance and then earn from them. Improving Google Ads performance means more traffic, conversions, lifetime value opportunities, and sales on your website. Therefore, we are here with some tips that will help you improve your Google Ads performance.

Incorporate SEM And SEO

SEO and SEM are the two most popular and effective methods that are used as marketing tools exclusively. But when these two methods are used together in Google Ads, it creates exceptional content, which ranks better on search results.

For those who don’t know what SEM is, it stands for search engine marketing that includes organic and paid optimization of the website. When better SEM Ads are created, it improves the performance and traffic on the site. If you want to improve the PPC performance on your page, you can take a look at the organic search results. They provide valuable insights on the click-through rates and PPC copy.

Make Use Of Negative Keywords

Negative keywords play an important role in enhancing the performance of Google Ads. It generally removes the specific search terms from the advertising program and mainly focuses on the terms that truly are the subject of your business.

If you want better targets and high returns on investment (ROI), you must observe the campaign working and accordingly add on the negative keywords.

Research Your Competitors Well

The most important part of improving your Google Ads performance is to research and analyze your competitors properly before you jump into the field. Knowing their strategies, style, and keywords will help you get certain ideas for optimization.

There are various tools available that will provide you with all information, such as landing pages of competing ads, images, and copies.

Improve Loading Speed Of Site

No one likes slow-loading web pages or websites. Whenever people open a slow-loading page, they end up exiting it almost immediately. This means that if you have slow-loading web pages, they will attract or hold very few visitors even after someone has clicked on your ad with the intent of looking at the content. If you do not improve the loading speed of your web page, your ads will become less effective, and thus, you will not get the expected outcome from it. 

The visitors will leave the page without taking any expected actions, such as clicking on the links, reading, or sharing. Therefore, you must ensure to get an SEO auditing done to check the loading speed of your web pages and get expert advice to improve it.

Understand The Importance Of Quality Score

Most Google ads are ranked on the basis of their quality score. This score is calculated by comparing your bid with your competitor’s bid. So it becomes very important for users to understand how the quality scores work and how to leverage them to improve the performance of their ad. This score also tells how much better an advertiser you are in comparison to your peers, and it will give you an edge over other ads at a very low rate.

In simple words, the quality score is the aggregated score of your ad’s performance over different platforms. And you can easily increase this by focusing your ads on the right audience.

Be Relevant

The ad copy should always be designed on the lines of the keyword that you are using in the ad. This will ensure that the ad groups are clearly targeted and the ad looks relevant to your target audience. To do this, you can add the keyword in the headline or the body of your ad. Furthermore, you should always cross-check the ad copy with the search intent of the customers that are aiming to increase its relevance.

Strive For KAL Nirvana

KAL Nirvana is a term that refers to a stage where the alignment of the Keyword-Ad-Landing page is perfect. This means that the keyword matches the ad copy and the layout of the landing page. This ensures that all the components of the ad are in sync, and the user will not find themselves being led on by a fraudulent ad.


Apart from all these tips, you can also work on image optimizations and make your website rank higher in the search engine. To ensure that the landing page you are associating with the ad is ranked higher and drives the ad higher on the search results. By following all these tips and checking the quality score of your ads regularly, you can expect your ads to perform great on the search engines.


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