Tips To Find The Best Salon Chair




Opening a new salon? After you have decided on a location, the tools you require and the talent you should hire, the most important thing you need is a great salon chair. This is perhaps one of the first things your customer will notice, and making it comfortable enough for you should be your main priority. 

When it comes to salon chairs, you will find a number of versatile options and different price points. This further makes choosing the perfect salon chair for your shop a daunting and confusing task. Fortunately, there are some easy checks you can ensure to find the best one in the market. Whether you are looking for a stylish model or just an upgrade, the few tips mentioned here can help your choose one. 

  • Client Comfort:

First comes client comfort. If your customer is not comfortable sitting in that chair for 30-45 minutes, no matter how good the haircut is, it is unlikely they will come back. The key to finding a comfortable chair is high-density foam cushions and lumbar support. More so, it should be wide enough to fit customers of all sizes. 

While checking comfort, you should also pay attention to the structure and shape of the chair. Try to see if it has simple metal arms or comfortable cushioned ones. In addition, is the chair open on the side, or is it closed in? These questions might seem simple but are as crucial to the experience of the customer. A comfortable chair will enhance comfort in your salon, making the customer feel more welcome and appreciated. 

  • Stylist Comfort:

Once you have ensured that your client will be sitting in comfort, it is time to evaluate if you will be comfortable cutting their hair in it. The everyday tasks of a stylist or haircutter can be pretty demanding. This is why it is imperative that you consider the comfort of your stylists and yourself. Firstly, ensure that you only buy a chair that comes with a hydraulic base. This will help adjust the height of the chair according to your stylist’s chair. 

Without it, they will have to bend over for as long as the treatment is going, making the task rather challenging. When it comes to hydraulics, there are some with a higher provision, while others build lower to the ground. While the former is better for tall stylists, the latter ensures that shorter stylists can work efficiently as well. Apart from a hydraulic base, check to see if it is lockable at the perfect height, providing adequate mobility. 

  • Material:

Material is one consideration that is often overlooked as people prefer more style. However, with the many new products on the market, you should not have to compromise on either. Stay away from fabrics and choose chairs that use high-quality vinyl. This will ensure more manageable maintenance and longevity. 

When it comes to the metal portions, try to look for chrome as it is quite durable while also providing an overall better look. The base options are also important, ranging from flat round, star, flat square and Italian bases. Try maximizing upkeep, weight distribution and stability, 

These can ensure you find the best salon chair available in the market.



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