Tips and Tricks on How to Best Handle a Parking Ticket in Philadelphia

parking ticket

There’s nothing like returning to the parking spot after a night out only to realize that you’ve parked in the wrong space, overstayed your parking, or been found guilty of related offenses. If you secure a parking ticket, don’t stress yourself, as the listed tips and tricks can assist you in navigating unexpected situations quickly.

Make Prompt Payments

Failing to pay for the parking ticket as soon as possible can have severe consequences, especially if you’re a repeat offender. Most cities, including Philadelphia, may place a metal cap onto the wheels if you have a backlog of unpaid citations. Removing the metal cap requires you to pay off your balance in total, which is why paying the parking tickets upfront is crucial. It is cheaper, easier, and less cumbersome to make prompt payments in the long run.

Move Your Car

After paying for your parking, you’ll receive a slip of paper. Don’t follow some drivers who overstay before parking their vehicle upon being issued a parking ticket. When you receive the slip of paper, the next step is to remove the citation from the windshield and move your vehicle quickly to the designated Philadelphia parking spot. The approach minimizes the possibility of incurring additional penalties and fees, necessitating careful and swift action.

Uncover Payment Details

Assess the listed payment information on your ticket once you’re in a secure location and no longer driving. You can settle any parking violations outside court, especially if you’ve repeated citations. You can quickly identify the amount you owe and favorable payment methods that the Philadelphia parking officials or police department accept, including the address where the payments will go.

Contact Philadelphia Parking Officials to Dispute

You can contact Philadelphia parking officials if you have solid reasons to dispute the parking ticket. You can, for instance, prove that you spent more time in the parking space than indicated on the parking fees or that your meter was faulty. In this case, you should contact the officials listed on your parking ticket to explain your case. Remember to stay respectful and calm and state your surrounding details clearly. You may need to record your information on paper, take photographic evidence, or even appear in court to defend your dispute.

Ways to Pay a Parking Citation in Philadelphia

You can pay for your parking tickets by mail, in person, or buy Philadelphia airport parking online. Regardless of your chosen method, you must obtain a ticket number for your parking space. Secure online payments are made through Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express and have an eight-digit number that you must always keep. You can make parking payments by phone via the Integrated Voice Response System (IVRS) system and notify any available credit cards, including the above-listed providers. You can also make parking ticket payments by mail and send the ticket alongside a personal check, money order, or cashier’s check to the Philadelphia parking officials for approval.

Failure to pay your parking fees on the due date means you’ll be charged late fees. If you fail to pay, you won’t be able to get a new license plate or renew your license plate validation until you clear outstanding fees.


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