ThePackagingPro’s Custom-Printed Boxes: Get Yours Quickly and Easily


If you’re looking to create custom-printed boxes, look no further than ThePackagingPro, the leading company in custom-printed boxes. With our cutting-edge printing technology and decades of experience printing quality custom boxes, we’ve set up an easy process that takes just minutes to complete—no matter your order size. Learn about the process and how to get your own custom-printed boxes from ThePackagingPro in this blog post!

3 Easy Steps to Getting Our Custom Printed Boxes

  1. Choose the color, design, and size of the box that you want by clicking on one of the pre-made designs below.
  2. Send us your logo, design, or idea for your custom printed box by uploading a .jpg file to our site. We’ll ensure it looks great before printing it on your custom packaging boxes!
  3. Please place an order with us for at least 12 boxes (or more) in your desired color, size, and design!

Why Should I Choose Our Printing Service?

Custom Packaged Boxes from The Packaging Pro are an excellent option for those who want to add their own logo to the box. With our custom printed boxes, you can choose the color, create a design with your own logo and have the boxes ready for use quickly. There are no minimum order requirements or lead times associated with this service, so even if you need just one custom-printed box, we’ll take care of it.

Will My Packaging Fit?

I’m sure you’ve been in this situation before. You have a product you’re about to launch, but you don’t know if it will fit inside the packaging. What do you do? We have an easy solution for you! There are two factors that contribute to whether your packaging will work with your product: the size of your product and the size of the packaging itself. When designing custom packaging boxes, we can make them out of any size necessary for your needs.

How Does Your Design Work?

Our custom-printing process is pretty simple. You just need to upload your design, pick the colors you want, choose the size of your box, and we’ll do the rest. We work with both vector files (such as Adobe Illustrator) and raster files (like JPG or PNG). All of our designs are set up for a two-color print. However, we can accommodate a four-color print with an additional setup fee.

What’s Included in Our Printing Packages?

We offer five different printing packages to suit a variety of needs. Our most popular package is the Deluxe, which includes your own logo printed on the box. The process is super easy; just upload your logo or design using our online form, and we’ll take care of the rest! We also provide a free proof review so you can see how it will look before you order.

What Can I Include In My Packaging Design?

You can choose the color of your boxes to match your branding or choose a color that is neutral. You can also add text, images, and patterns to the boxes as you see fit. However, be aware that if you’re going with a text design, it needs to be legible from 6 away.


A custom-printed box can be the perfect gift for a friend or as a clever way to build your own business. The fastest, easiest way to get them is by ordering with The Packaging Pro. With our customization options and quick turnaround times, you’ll have what you need in no time!


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