The Price of Happiness Season 3 Episode 3 Summary


We present to you exclusively the detailed summary for the series The Price of Happiness Season 3 Episode 3 broadcast by Kanal D on September 4.

Shahika puts a girl to come to the mansion to tell Yigit the “boyfriend” present with Lila to make her want the boy and she seems to become jealous.

Caner, just as agreed with Yildiz, goes to Kaya’s office and tells her that Halit and Shahika are treating Yildiz badly.

HalitCan: Yildiz is preparing the Baby Shower party and invites all the ladies in high society, who are shocked to see what cheap things they bought for such a special occasion and start gossiping. Zehra arrives at the mansion and Yildiz introduces her as a famous writer.

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Later, Yıldız tells reporters and the high society that she was accommodated in the outbuilding, that she was not given money, and that Shahika became engaged to her husband, even though they are still married. Yigit announces to Shakhika and she announces to Halit, who arrives home and apologizes in front of the reporters and sends them all home, then nervously takes Yildiz by surprise.

Shahika gets angry and asks Halit to explain how he could allow her to experience something like her mistress. She seeks revenge and poisons Yıldız’s food, but the girl refuses the food and Aysel, who has eaten, is taken to the hospital by ambulance. She panics and calls the man she is cooperating with and says that the test results need to be changed to show no poison.

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Come back now: Yıldız finds out that Aysel ate from her plate and calls Caner that she wants to talk to Ender. She tells him everything that happened and asks her to return to the mansion.

On the other hand, even if Shahika has two enemies to fight, she has absolutely no intention of retreating, on the contrary, she is even more ambitious and will do everything she set out to do.

Police take Shahika for statements, but unfortunately she proves that she has a solid alibi and proves that she was with her brother Kaya that day. Mai frumos decat tine episodul 6 are now avaialble for you. All the Episodes are now available freely to our viewers.

At the police, Shakhika makes the victim, and her brother Kaya, who loves his sister above all else, gets angry, and Ender is accused of slander. Halit does not give up and does everything necessary to help his fiancée.

Yigit panics, believing that Ender will tell the police everything and wants to tell them the whole truth, but Shahika doesn’t let him. Kaya is upset with Caner for not telling him that Ender is alive and he explains that he has only found out for two months.


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