The most common reason why relationships failed 


You may be a part of a relationship that proves to be a failure in your life. You may know a person in your life that has a failed relationship with her life. You may wonder why the relationships between people fail when both people love each other very much. But you don’t need to be sad, because you don’t know the reason why the relationship failed. Reasons for failing different relationships may be different, but some are the reason being that, which are the same in most cases. The top reason which plays an important role in the relationship failure, you are going to know about from here. If you know about these top reasons why relationships fail in this world, then it will help you a lot in your relationship. Because now you know about the top reason why the relationship failed. So you will keep yourself out from this top reason, and protect your relationship from this reason also. So if you want to make your relationship more safe and secure, then see these top reasons and protect your relationship from these reasons. 


Loss of trust 


You may have heard this thing from many people, that a relationship builds over love, and love is the main underlay for any relationship. But this is not true, the main underlay of any relationship is trust. You may have bought the birthday flowers and gift for your partner, but if your partner feels that it is not for her or not your choice, then that is a clear sign that she doesn’t trust you. If both of you have trust in your relationship, and both of you also. Then you aren’t going to face a relationship failure. Because loss of trust in any relationship is a thing that plays a very crucial role, or you can say that it can be a reason for relationship failure. Because trust is a thing that if a person has on another person, then both the person can fight with any problem in their life and relationship. But if the trust gets broken, then there is no chance of this thing happening. So the loss of trust is a top reason also, because that the relationship failed. 


Different expectation 


Everybody has many expectations in their life, and every person wants those expectations to get a full fill in their life. You may have expectations from your relationship, and there is nothing wrong with having expectations in a relationship. Your partner also expects the relationship, and there is nothing wrong with it also. But you know, when two people are in a relationship and have different expectations, then the different expectations become a reason for failing a relationship. 

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Communication issue 


You know, most people don’t express everything to their partner, what they feel about their partner. Because both people think that it may hurt their partner. You may not like the happy birthday gift with flowers that your partner has given you. But you don’t tell your partner about it, and your partner finds the gift in your storeroom. This thing only happens when you have a communication issue in your relationship. But you know this is the start of a big problem in your relationship. Because when a couple has a big problem in their relationship, they say everything that they have in their heart about their partner. But at the problem time, if the partner is saying the right thing, that sounds wrong as well. So if a relationship doesn’t have good communication, then the relationship is in danger. Because communication issues are also a reason for that relationship to fail. 


Lack of time spent together 


Time is the best medicine for healing any problem, but if the problem is related to the relationship. Then the best option for you is to spend the time with your partner. Because lack of time spent together is also a reason for relationship failure. Because each person thinks that their partner doesn’t have one for him or her. So the person starts to find that person, who they can spend time with. So you should protect your relationship from the lack of spending time together. 


You are finding this thing after seeing the top reason why the relationship failed, that you have found this type of reason in many relationships. Now it is going to help you more to make your relationship safe from this type of reason. Because breaking a relationship is never going to be a small thing for any person. Because a person is not only attached to a person mentally but emotionally also. So what you can do, you can try your best out from your side, so that your relationship never faces this type of situation. 


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