The Dos and Don’ts of Online Advertising


Nowadays, two out of three businesses are already using online advertising, given its more flexible reach of audience. It allows businesses to narrow their reach to those who will be likely interested in their offers instead of unnecessarily spending on a mass audience.  

Its easy metrics allow them to determine the number who viewed, clicked, and were converted as a buyer via their ads. Transparency on what works and doesn’t allow them to formulate more effective strategies. Furthermore, it’s less costly as they only pay when a user clicks and calls their business through the ad. 

Whilst there is no need for businesses to be adept at designing their ad as they can just provide text and images and let the campaign provider do the rest of the job, they need to be aware of how digital marketing is evolving and apply the trends to ensure effective results. 

Here are some dos and don’ts they may have to follow for effective online advertising outcomes: 

Do: Knowing Their Audience, Brand, and Competition 

The target audience differs for every industry, so what works for one business may not work for another. Every nature of business has different types of audiences and buyer personas. Businesses should do in-depth research about their target audience, what they like and not, and their demographics, taste, and behaviours. 

Knowing their target audience allows businesses to save a big deal as they avoid catering to a broader audience but likely consumers. These people are the ones they will make a business from. Furthermore, other aspects businesses need to be well-knowledgeable of are their brand and competition.    

Businesses need to establish brand awareness with their target audience as well as be aware of their other competitors who, with efficient digital marketing strategies, are on their way to leading in the industry. Keeping track of what they do allows other business to convert their consumers into theirs instead. 

Don’t: Trading Quality for Quantity 

The key to effective ads is quality content. Consistency may be crucial, but this should be applied correctly. Google nor potential customers will not look at how many blog posts businesses have on their sites. They look at the worthiness of the content instead. 

Constantly bombarding customers with low-quality content will just ward them off as it affects the business’ brand and image. Businesses should make sure that every ad or article they post is consistently high-quality and appealing to their target audience. 

Original and relevant content will go a long way. Knowing their brand, target audience, and competitors allows businesses how to present their content. Everything should be customized for the target audience, which means taking care they can relate to your posts. 

Do: Maintaining Their Website 

Having a website alone is not enough. It takes effort to update it too, as the website is never the same as it was from the start. Businesses should align their content with the latest trends and topics, apply the ever-dynamic Google SEO practices, update their website’s designs, maintain quality in all parts of their site, and more. 

One aspect they shouldn’t neglect is their mobile website, given that a lot of users nowadays open their accounts on their mobile. A lot of people order via their phones, so making sure their mobile website is SEO-friendly allows businesses to lead more traffic to their site and convert people as customers. Learn more about how to make your website mobile friendly. 

Businesses should ensure that their mobile website allows their audience to access their site conveniently by making their designs responsive, simplifying their navigation bars, applying local keywords, using pop-ups correctly, presenting title tags and meta descriptions, and more. 

They should apply the 3-second rule. Having an appealing website is good, but if it fails to open within three seconds, users tend to close the site. They can do with a leeway of 3 to 5 minutes leeway time.   

Don’t: Oversharing 

Sharing a lot of content in a short span of time may make them appear as spam, such as in social media or emails. In emails, the audience is bound to mark contents from oversharing addresses as spam and delete them.  

Posting too much on social media will also bore consumers, putting businesses at risk of losing their genuine supporters. It’s better to be consistent than to share a lot and be patient throughout the process, which shows professionalism.  

The goal may be to bring potential customers down to the sales funnel, but it would take time. Results will show over time as businesses pay serious attention to improving their strategies and being consistent in posting their content. 

Do: Consistently Tracking Performance 

Running online ads is just the start. It is also crucial to measure how well they are going by conducting tests and keeping track of their progress. Beginners can use Google Analytics & Search Console to track and monitor their website’s health. 

There are also other means to determine the performance of their ads. Through these tools, businesses can determine what works and what doesn’t with their targeted audience and tweak any parts necessary. 

Not Seeking Help from the Experts 

A newly launched business may find digital marketing to be very complex as it entails not just online advertising but also email marketing, content marketing, SEO, email newsletters, email drip campaigns, pay-per-click, and a lot more. To ensure effective outcomes, they will need to venture in not just only online ads but also these mediums.  

Seeking help from digital marketing specialists can greatly ensure their success in the field of marketing. It might cost some pounds, so it’s up to the business to seek help or not but getting support from digital professionals can greatly increase their online presence, likeability, and game in the industry overall. 

ROI is guaranteed when businesses take digital marketing seriously. Let Legend DigiTech help! We are a team of marketing specialists who can guide you from start to finish. Feel free to reach us today. 


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