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Are you a type 3? No, we aren’t talking about personality here. This is about skin. Skin type 3, as per the Fitzpatrick system, is a distinct type of skin. If you have lovely peaches and a pink complexion or moderate beige, you are type 3. 

Good news

People with skin type 3 can achieve a beautiful tan with ease. 

This skin type is lesser prone to sunburn than skin types 1 and 2. 

So, search for a “tanning salon near me” and schedule a session. Get some beautiful color this summer. 

Pigment that gives your skin color or no color

According to dermatological studies, human skin and hair have two types of melanin (the pigment that renders color to the skin):

  • Eumelanin: Darker pigment that gives a brown to black color
  • Pheomelanin: Lighter pigment that gives pink, red, yellow, and white color

People with skin type 3 carry a balance of both forms of melanin. This gives a variety of skin tones. Such people may also have lovely olive skin, gold-tinted skin, or deep pink. 

They usually have dark blue or brown eyes and dark blonde, brown, or black hair. 

They can tan easily and beautifully. 

Points to remember

  • You can achieve the perfect golden color provided you hop inside one of the best tanning salons that are aware of skin types. 
  • You still need to be careful while tanning. You can still burn, though mildly. Do not overdo when inside a tanning bed or while sunbathing. 

Sunbed tanning 

Experts recommend sunbed tanning rather than under the sun. Tanning beds provide a more regulated UV environment. Experts present in the salon fix the time required for safe tanning as per your skin type. 

Best tanning schedule for skin type 3

  • First session: 2 minutes
  • Second session: 3 minutes
  • Third session: 3 minutes
  • Fourth session: 4 minutes
  • Fifth session: 4 minutes
  • Sixth session: 5 minutes

The technician will increase the minutes slowly. Please do not rush. Never tan for more than 5-6 minutes. 

If you feel uncomfortable or too warm inside the tanning bed, notify the technician immediately and stop tanning. 

The ultimate aim is to achieve a lovely golden color, not an unsightly sunburnt look. 

Importance of good salons 

Salons in East Boca Raton are known to care for their customers. They have skin specialists who examine your skin first and then recommend you a tanning schedule. 

They would ask you whether you prepped your skin before coming. They would not allow people with unprepared skin, as it leads to uneven tan. It is more like wasting your time and money. 

After a tanning session, the salon experts give you guidelines on how to care for your skin to maintain your tan for longer. It is good to heed the advice of experts at the salon. 

Do not hesitate to ask questions. 

Tan with confidence, not with doubts. 

Tanning outside Boca

Are you in Coral Springs? The tanning salon is present here too. Remember, know your skin type and tan safely. 


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