Steal Everyone’s Attention with These Ring Designs




Are you thinking of settling down? If you think it’s time to propose, then you would have to buy your lover an engagement ring. This is a make-or-break purchase that your lover will be wearing for a lifetime. That ring on their finger is a classic symbol of love. Ladies take pride in their ring and it is quite fun showing it off.

So what should you get her?

Some ladies want the biggest and shiniest rings on the market. But that’s not all that can make a ring stand out. You can also impress people with an engagement ring that has a great design.

If you need some help in choosing an engagement ring, we have some great suggestions for you.

  1. Solitaire Engagement Ring

The solitaire engagement ring is a traditional and beautiful ring design that focuses on its center stone. It only features one gemstone with a plain band and no pavé diamonds. Its classic look is what people commonly think of when picturing a diamond engagement ring.

This ring design is classic and timeless, making it ideal to be passed down. It also suits wedding bands because of its simple design. There are endless possibilities when pairing it with a wedding band.

However, some people may see this as too simple and lacking in personality. This is the only known con of this kind of ring. If someone is looking for a ring with more flair, this isn’t the one for them.

If you do choose this ring, you have to be careful in choosing the center stone. All eyes will be on the stone as it is specifically designed that way. So make sure to choose one of good quality.

  1. Diamond Accent Engagement Ring

The only thing that’s better than a diamond is more diamonds! The diamond accent engagement ring is an engagement ring that has smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone.

The strategic presence of the smaller stones emphasizes the center stone even more and makes it pop. The smaller diamonds are usually around 0.25 carats and are low in value if they were on their own. But putting them together with a center stone enhances the overall beauty of your engagement ring.

There are many different types of accent diamonds such as:

  • Baguette Accent Diamonds
  • Round Accent Diamonds
  • Trillion-Cut Accent Diamonds
  • Marquise Accent Diamonds

When choosing accent diamonds for an engagement ring you should consider some things. Accent diamonds don’t need to have high clarity. As long as they are clean to the naked eye, they also shine as bright and cost you less.

They also have to be around 15% the size of your center stone. This helps give more attention to the center stone. Lastly, stick to accents that are three color grades less than your center stone.

  1. Gemstone Accent Engagement Ring

A gemstone accent engagement ring follows the same concept as a diamond accent engagement ring. This is also a unique design for proposal rings. The only difference between the two is instead of using smaller diamonds, you use other gemstones.

There are many gemstones that you can choose from. This can add more personality to your ring as there are many colors available. However, since there are more color choices, you may make the mistake of overpowering your center stone. Always remember that accents should highlight the stone, not outshine it.

There are many ways that gemstones can be toned down. An example is a hidden accent ring. These tiny gemstone accents are placed on the sides of the center stone. This prevents the accent from taking away attention from the center stone. It cannot be seen when viewed directly above but at a different angle, the beauty of the gemstones certainly shows.

  1. Three-Stone Engagement Ring

The three-stoned engagement ring is a heartwarming ring because of its meaningful design. It is composed of the main stone and two smaller side stones. You can use diamonds or gemstones for these smaller accents. You can choose according to what you think your lover would like.

Round stones are the most common choice for the center stone of this type of ring. But do not limit yourself to these as emerald cut, pear cut and baguette diamond cuts are all equally wonderful to have on this design too.

The meaning behind the engagement ring is that it represents a couple’s past, present, and future. Each stone represents every phase of your loving journey. What’s a more meaningful way to propose than a ring that showcases your journey as a couple?

If you want to go sentimental and also have a beautiful ring, this ring may be the right choice for you.

  1. Halo Engagement Ring

The halo engagement ring is an engagement ring that also features accent stones. These stones are arranged in a “halo” around the center stone. They are also accent stones but do not follow the band; it follows the shape of the center stone instead.

This type of design can be done on any diamond shape. But to make a halo engagement ring even more unique, you can incorporate these tips:

  • Place the accents in unconventional angles
  • Add little hidden details
  • Place detailed metalwork

These are just some ideas as to how to further personalize your engagement ring. You can also add more than one halo if you really want to go the extra mile. These rings were meant to be flashy and bright. It shines when your loved one is wearing them. If a loud type of elegance is what you desire, this may be the ring for you.


Buying your engagement ring and getting engaged is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Choosing a unique design that’s sure to steal your lover’s heart, as well as others is just a perk that comes with it. Whether you choose something classic and timeless, or flashy and loud, it’s your intentions that give the ring true meaning.

We hope our article helped you in gaining more knowledge to choose the ring of your lover’s dreams! 



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