Simple Guide to Palo Azul Tea


Palo Azul tea is a delicious blueish that can warm you up and offer comfort during cold afternoons. This tea also gives you a healthy punch preventing you from several conditions. But why do many tea drinkers like Palo Azul tea? 

The Palo Azul tree is a significant herbal plant found in the arid regions in Mexico and the Southwest of the US. The tree’s bark is collected and sold in particular retail stores, and consumers can place an order on them like any other product. Once you receive the order, you can prepare nutritious tea from your home’s comfort. 

Palo Azul is a renowned herbal beverage across numerous cultures because of its perceived medicinal properties. To brew the perfect drink, you can soak or boil the tree’s bark. Palo Azul tea enthusiasts can take the beverage hot or use ice cubes and have it cold. 

In this article, we’ll discuss what you can use Palo Azul tea for, how to drink it, and how to use it to pass a drug test. Keep reading to learn more about this stimulating drink. 

What is Palo Azul Tea? 

Palo Azul tea is a type of herbal diuretic tea brewed from the Palo Azul plant, known scientifically as Eysenhardtia polystachya. Also called kidneywood, many communities have used this herb in traditional medicine for thousands of years. Moreover, the tree’s barks are believed to contain distinctly unique elements. 

When you buy Palo Azul, it usually comes as wood chips of the tree’s bark. You can steep these chips in water to release this powerful herb’s sterols, flavonoids, and phenolic compounds. These ingredients have various effects on the human body, but they’re well known for their hepatoprotective effects. Being hepatoprotective means safeguarding the liver so it can detoxify the body appropriately.  

Recently, Palo Azul has become famous for individuals looking to pass their drug tests. People use it to pass drug tests because its diuretic effects can help eliminate metabolites from numerous recreational drugs, like marijuana. 

Side Effects of Palo Azul Tea 

There are very few known Palo Azul side effects. However, staying on the safe side is essential because there isn’t sufficient evidence or research to support or dispute it. Therefore, pregnant women or nursing mothers shouldn’t consume this tea. Also, you should consult your healthcare provider if you suffer from a severe condition or use heavy medications. 

Benefits of Drinking Palo Azul Tea 

Palo Azul is renowned for its impressive health benefits. What it lacks in taste, it compensates in painkilling, antibacterial properties. After all, it obtains the name kidneywood from its detoxifying capabilities. Here are some of the benefits of drinking Palo Azul tea. 

It may improve kidney health 

The fundamental use of Palo Azul throughout history has been to enhance and protect natural detoxification systems. Pharmacognosy Magazine published a study indicating that this herbal tea can help prevent oxidative stress, suppressing pancreas and kidney cell damage. Palo Azul tea can also reduce the risk of suffering from kidney stones and promotes swift elimination of toxins metabolites and healthy urination. 

It may alleviate arthritic pain and inflammation 

The active ingredients of Palo Azul tea are famous for reducing the pain and discomfort associated with arthritis and other inflammatory ailments like gout. The African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology released a study showing that this tea relieves acute and chronic inflammation. The study also indicated that Palo Azul tea could reduce swelling in inflamed areas (edema). 

It may treat digestive upsets 

Palo Azul tea’s anti-inflammatory calming properties also extend to the digestive tract. Studies indicate that this herbal tea is an efficient anti-diarrheal agent, almost as effective as standard medication. 

It may help in preventing chronic illnesses 

Oxidative stress is often linked to numerous chronic conditions like cancer, stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. This tea’s ingredients possess free radical scavenging and antioxidant properties, which can help prevent these conditions. Palo Azul tea is an effective protective agent for diabetes. It does so by inhibiting high cholesterol and blood sugar and safeguards the liver. All these factors play a substantial role in preventing complications of diabetes. 

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How to Prepare Palo Azul Tea 

To brew Palo Azul tea, you must have six cups of water and one ounce of Palo Azul bark 

  • Pour about six cups into a pot and put it on medium heat 
  • Once the water boils, put the Palo Azul barks in the pot. Stir the mixture briefly and cover the pot. Don’t reduce the heat at this point because the wood chips must boil for the entire process. You should cook the ingredients covered for one hour while trapping them inside to prevent evaporation. 
  • Remove the pot from the heat and uncover it after an hour. You will observe the chips floating atop, meaning you’ve extracted all its compounds into the water. Strain the Palo Azul tea into a cup. 
  • Whether sweet or not, warm or cold, it is still a delicious and healthy drink to consumer

Final Thoughts 

Now that you understand the perks of consuming Palo Azul tea, it is time to get your hands on it. Although it sounds like a rare gem, you don’t have to ship genuine Palo Azul barks from South America – many import stores, large retailers, and apothecaries often have this product in stock. Therefore, buy the desired amount and use the tips in this guide to navigate the process of preparing the tea. 




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