North America Cannabis Market – North America Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast – 2022-27


The research report North America Cannabis Market Analysis, 2027 published by MarkNtel Advisors is a comprehensive study of the industry’s historical, current, & forecasted trends, prepared after rigorously analyzing aspects like growth drivers, restraints, opportunities, challenges, & demand scenarios in order to help stakeholders make informed decisions while investing in the Market, i.e., projected to witness around 27.7% CAGR during 2022-27.

The report comprises detail-driven data associated with the current & estimated size & growth pace of the market expected during the forecast years. The historical period considered in the research study is 2017-20, while the base year remains 2021.

Analysts have presented unbiased & verified insights in the form of graphs & tables, primarily for delivering a better outlook on the industry for the key stakeholders. Such factors shall help them expand their visibility & make strategic moves accordingly in the future.

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All the different aspects cited in the report are generated after undergoing rigorous research with the extensive use of tools like Porter’s Five Forces model by our researchers to study & understand key elements behind the ups & downs of the industry growth. Nonetheless, the stakeholders can also find detailed insights on the attractiveness of the North America Cannabis Market with detailed perspicuity into the most & least opportunistic segments across different geographic locations.

Note: The team of researchers at MarkNtel Advisors performs relentless primary & secondary investigation with industry experts to present an impartial & exhaustive examination of industries.

Impact of Covid-19 on the North America Cannabis Market

The advent of Covid-19 portrayed fluctuating dynamics of the North America Cannabis Market. The recent report on the industry covers a comprehensive understanding of the shifts observed in the growth trajectory of the industry since 2020. The study also talks about the evolutions in purchase patterns & demand rate of the end-users before, amidst, and anticipated changes post the pandemic.

Such data has been gathered after interacting with industry experts and getting insights from the ground reality in the industry, enabling the stakeholders to have analysis on the changing dynamics. Furthermore, the section also exhibits the latest information associated with the North America Cannabis Market, especially after the upliftment of restrictions. It shall help the stakeholders to take appropriate measures for their sustainability in the market in case such a situation reoccurs in the forthcoming years.

Detailed Analysis of Segmentation in the North America Cannabis Market

Our report encircles a thorough evaluation of the highly fragmented bifurcations of the North America Cannabis Market after observing the past, present, & projected future trends. Such factors shall critically help the stakeholders to get a clear idea of the most vital aspects of the industry responsible for the market growth during 2022-27. Listed below are the different market segmentations profiled in the research report:

Based on, By Application

– Medical Use

— Chronic Pain

— Mental Disorder

— Cancer

— Others (Nausea, Muscle Spasms, Migraine, Glaucoma)

– Self-Consumption / Private Use

Based on, By Product Type

– Flower

– Oil

Based on, By Distribution Channel

– Regulated Dispensary

– Recreational Stores

– Stand-Alone Retailers

– Online Portals

Based on, By End-User

– Patients

– Research Institute

– Research Companies

Based on, By Country

– US

– Canada

– Mexico

Table of Content –

  1. Introduction
    • Market Segmentation
    • Product Definition
    • Research Process
    • Assumptions
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Impact of COVID-19 on the North America Cannabis Market
  4. North America Cannabis Market Policies, Regulations, Product Standards
  5. North America Cannabis Market Trends & Insights
  6. North America Cannabis Market Dynamics
    • Growth Drivers
    • Challenges
    • Impact Analysis
  7. North America Cannabis Market Hotspot & Opportunities
  8. North America Cannabis Market Key Strategic Imperatives for Success & Growth
  9. North America Cannabis Market Analysis, 2017-2027F
    • Market Size & Analysis
      • By Revenue
    • Market Share & Analysis
      • By Application
        • Medical Use
          • Chronic Pain
          • Mental Disorder
          • Cancer
          • Others (Nausea, Muscle Spasms, Migraine, Glaucoma)
        • Self-Consumption / Private Use
      • By Product Type
        • Flower
        • Oil
      • By Distribution Channel
        • Regulated Dispensary
        • Recreational Stores
        • Stand-Alone Retailers
        • Online Portals
      • By End-User
        • Patients
        • Research Institute
        • Research Companies
      • By Country
        • US
        • Canada
        • Mexico
      • By Company
        • Competition Characteristics
        • Market Share & Analysis
        • Competitive Matrix

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Competitive Landscape of the North America Cannabis Market

This section showcases data associated with the competitive landscape of key companies operating in the North America Cannabis Market, along with recent developments, marketing strategies, product portfolio, expansions, demand, revenue generation, & supply chain models, among others. Additionally, it covers insights on collaborations, partnerships, mergers & acquisitions, entwined with the number of new entrants & their influence on the market growth. Cited below are the prominent players participating in the industry are:

– E 22nd Century Group Inc

– Medical Marijuana Inc

– Hemp Inc

– Axim Biotechnologies Inc

– Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc.

– Canopy Growth Corporation

– Aphria Inc

– Aurora Cannabis Inc

– Abcann Medicinals Inc

Key Reasons to Purchase North America Cannabis Market Research Report:

The North American Cannabis Market research report helps the stakeholders to strategize their business growth post the going through the market dynamics like the trends, developments, drivers, restraints, opportunities, & challenges, among others.

The analysis aims to deliver insightful data on the upcoming competition in the industry for stakeholders to make informed decisions & develop strategies accordingly.

The study also talks about the different partnerships, collaborations, mergers & acquisitions, & licensing activities, along with the political scenarios and leading players associated with the North America Cannabis Market.

A comprehensive report presents different ways of sustainability adopted by each company across diverse segments & geographic locations for massive revenue generation.

The evaluation of the North America Cannabis Market in this research report provides information about the performance indicators that might influence the growth trajectory of the industry during 2022-27.

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