Monthly Income Scheme by Post Office

Post Office MIS

The Indian Post Offices offers numerous schemes for investors that come with assured returns on an investment. Out of many schemes offered by the post office, one such scheme is the monthly income scheme by the post office. Individuals can invest a fixed sum of money monthly into this scheme and can receive a fixed rate of return. Moreover, you can enquire about this scheme in your nearest local post office and start investing your money. Since the post offices are regulated by the government in the country, these schemes are also backed up by the Indian Government. Government provides a sovereign guarantee in order to make sure that the investor thinks that it is a safe option to invest their money into. Moreover, these schemes being secured by the government automatically makes them a much safer option than the stock market and other investment options available in the market.

In comparison to other investment options offered by the post office like recurring deposit scheme, savings account, time deposits, etc, the monthly income scheme earns the highest interest rate of 6.6% amongst them all. However, the interest rate can vary from one year to another. Therefore, it is advisable to check the Post Office MIS Interest Rate 2021 along with the interest rate for 2022 before investing your money. In this particular investment scheme, the interest amount adds up to the investment and is paid to the investor on a monthly basis. Most of the post office 

Benefits & Features

There are numerous benefits that come along with this monthly income scheme that would make you want to invest in it. Some of the benefits of this scheme are as follows:

Return on Investment

Since the return on investment is much higher than all the other schemes offered by the post office, you can earn more interest on this scheme. But there is a maximum limit of INR 4.5 lakh on the amount that you can invest in the scheme. Moreover, if the account holder is a minor then the maximum amount that you can invest is INR 3 lakh.  You can also use a Bitcoin calculator for exchanging your e-money.


Transferring your investment schemes can be a hassle at times. But with this post office monthly income scheme you can transfer it to your nearest post office whenever you want to shift within the country boundaries. 

Lock-in Period

Since this scheme aims at helping you to make a large sum of money by monthly investing into it, there is a lock-in period in this scheme. From the time you start investing into it, you would not be able to withdraw money from your account for the next five years.

Minor Accounts

You can even open a monthly savings account and start investing in the name of any minor. However, it is important that the minor should be under 10 years of age. Also, the minor would be able to withdraw from his account after attaining the age of 18 years.

Automatic Withdrawals

You have the option of automatically withdrawing the interest on your investment. The interest will then be transferred to your savings account using ECS or PDCs. 

Joint Account

You can take part in this investment scheme with other people of your choice by opening a joint POMIS account. However, only a maximum of three individuals can participate in this scheme together and each investor would have equal rights over this joint account. The maximum investment limit for a joint account is INR 9 lakh.

The above are some of the features and benefits of the post office monthly income scheme that you should consider before investing your money. Moreover, if you do not wish to invest your money into this scheme and let it sit in your savings bank account. Then you should note that the interest on savings account would be much lower than that of the interest rate on any post office investment scheme. Therefore, it is advisable to calculate all the possibilities of investing your money and earning a return on your investment before investing.


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