Is the New Mover Outreach Program Right for Your Church?


New families who have recently moved into a new home present tremendous opportunities for your church. Also known as new residents, new neighbors, or new migrants, these newcomers have long been sought by the church given their tendency to respond to outreach communications at much higher rates than existing residents.

While it’s true that the housing market has been dramatically impacted by the current economic climate, the reasons for moving and churches looking for new Windsor Movers remain the same.

Families move for a variety of reasons. job loss or new job; marriage or divorce, reduction (or enlargement); Addition to the family or transition to an empty nest. All of these “life events” open a window of opportunity for the church to connect with an audience that research has shown is more likely to respond to your invitation.

Many churches are seizing this opportunity and working to develop relationships during this time. Unfortunately, Church leaders are not always sure how best to utilize this important outreach tactic because they may lack the time and resources to fully explore this opportunity.

When researching a new moving outreach program for your church, consider six reasons why such a program might be a good fit for your church.

New movers are actively seeking new services to help them settle into their new neighborhood.

As a new family tries to establish roots in a new community, many will be highly motivated and actively involved in finding a new service provider. In fact, even a new church family could be on this list. This provides a unique window of opportunity suggesting that your outreach message will come in a timely manner.

The New Mover program is perfect for churches with limited outreach budgets.

Let’s face it – outreach advertising can be expensive and time consuming. However, it is vital to growing and maintaining a healthy church. Fortunately, new moving programs are really cheap. This is because the number of new directors in a particular region is very small. Depending on where your church is located, the number of new movers can range from 25 to 150 homes per month. The average investment in a new mover program is typically less than 100 months. Also, if your church is located in a rural or sparsely populated area, the monthly investment can be as low as 20 (check with the new moving mail company you are considering that there are no postal minimums or monthly account fees).

Newcomers can see the “inside” of the church from the comfort of their own homes.

Some new moving mailing companies offer custom design services that allow you to include photos of church leadership, congregations, or ministry teams on your mailings. This is a great way for your new family to understand your values and mission. They may also be more likely to imagine themselves participating. Church service is about making connections. We recommend using custom mailers rather than pre-designed templates.

positive return on investment

Direct mail is one of the few advertising tools that can track results to the nearest dollar. For example, studies show that the average churchgoer dedicates about 1,000 per year. The average monthly cost of a full turnkey new directors program is approximately 50 – 150 per month. In short, to get a positive return on your investment, only one or two families should join your church to cover your annual outreach investment.


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