Is a Turkey Study Visa easy to Get for Pakistani Citizens?

Is a Turkey Study Visa easy to Get for Pakistani Citizens?
Is a Turkey Study Visa easy to Get for Pakistani Citizens?

If you want to study in Turkey then you need to have a turkey visa for students. In this post we have discussed how Turkey visa for Pakistani students can be obtained. Now before we tell you about the study visa we would like you to know that students of Northern republic of Cyprus, students whose parents are living in turkey on a work visa or blue card holders don’t need to apply for a student visa to study in Turkey. Other than these three parties every international student needs to have a Turkey visa for education. Student visa needs to be applied from the embassy; you cannot study by having the Turkey online visa for Pakistani.

Turkey Student Visa process you need to follow

Here we have mentioned some steps that you need to follow to get the Turkey visa for students.

  1. To get the student visa you need to get accepted into a University in Turkey. You need to enroll in a program in a Turkish university or college. Know that you cannot precede the Turkish student visa request until and unless you get an acceptance letter from a university. 
  2. Once you get the acceptance letter you need to arrange an appointment with the local embassy in your country. You need to get the student application form from there and get information about the Turkey visa fee for Pakistani citizens (students).
  3. You need to complete the visa application form and supply all required documents to the embassy. You need to attend the appointment and submit all your documents at that time. Before you apply or attach documents it is important that you know that Turkey visit visa validity for a Pakistani passport is different for a student visa.
  4. After the interview you need to wait for the visa to be processed and the decision to be made. You can track the progress of the student turkey visa on the official website.
  5. Once you get the student visa for Turkey you can plan your travel and join the campus!

An important thing that you need to note is that there is no kind of Turkey multiple entry visa fees for Pakistani students because as a student you have to get a residence permit when you enter the country. You need to apply for the residence permit within one month of joining the university or else you would have to pay an additional visa fee.

Turkey Visa for Student requirements

Here are some of the basic requirements to get a Turkey visa for students:

  • You need a passport which should have a validity of at least three months
  • You need to complete and sign the turkey student visa application form 
  • You need to attach two recently taken passport-size photos
  • You need to have a letter of acceptance from a Turkish university
  • You need to show proof of travel and travel insurance for your entire stay in turkey
  • You need to show evidence of financial resources to support the study in Turkey 
  • You also need to show proof of accommodation in Turkey

Once you start your classes in Turkey you can also apply for the work visa turkey for Pakistani students. This would help you support your stay in Turkey. Students can get good jobs/internships in Turkey.


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