How To Prevent Pharmaceutical Negligence in San Diego?


The oeuvre of personal injury lawsuits has witnessed several new inclusions in the last few decades. Pharmaceutical negligence is one of them, which is known to victimize one million people annually in San Diego. While drugs are powerful enough to save lives, they can also prove fatal under specific circumstances. If one has faced a considerable amount of loss due to pharmaceutical negligence, a San Diego personal injury lawyer should be consulted immediately in helping the victim pursue a damage claim.

In most cases, the blame for pharmaceutical negligence might partially go to the person’s ignorance while buying it. But others might come under scrutiny, including the doctors, nurses, pharmaceutical corporations, and the respective pharmacist of a locality. Pharmaceutical negligence might cause as a result of several malpractices, which are listed below:

Providing Wrong Medication To Patient

Although pharmacists are unlikely to provide patients with the wrong medication as they hold a license as health care professionals, mistakes might happen. Clutter inside the shop might lead the healthcare providers to emerge confused and mix up prescriptions or names of medicines. Several medicine names might sound similar but have different compositions. Such negligence might lead to severe injuries.

Providing Insufficient Instructions For Labelling

Often the basic guidelines provided in the prescriptions are not enough, and the pharmacist needs to print correct instruction labels on the medicine. In case of any mistake in such instructions, the patient might suffer serious consequences for not following the required instructions for certain drugs sufficiently. Similarly, instructions regarding the wrong dosage might also prove dangerous.

Preventive Measures to be Taken By The Pharmacy

The pharmacies must avoid overcrowding in their shop and use barcodes to verify all drug-based medicines. It is also important for them to be conscious of several sound-alike look-alike drugs and undertake several strategies to avoid mistakes by writing them in bold or uppercase letters. One can also involve a second eye checking all the prescription medicines.

Preventive Measures To Be Taken By The Patient

Patients must also participate by matching and verifying the medicines with the prescription. In case of any doubts, one needs to address them immediately to the health care professional so that they don’t bring any complications.

Final Thoughts

If one finds out that one has been consuming the wrong medicines or dosages, a doctor should be consulted first, and then one might seek help from a personal injury attorney to secure compensation for the loss.



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