How To Prepare for the IELTS Exam in Three Months?




Well, clearing the IELTS exam requires grueling efforts from the candidates. Despite being taught as a compulsory subject, the English language still seems very difficult to students. Many of them dream to settle abroad. But their lack of confidence in the English language becomes a  barrier between them and their dreams. Do you know that it is possible to become proficient in English with just three months’ preparations? Well yes, it is very easy to learn the English language to crack the IELTS exam. But a person must make sure that he is adhering to the right approach during the preparation for the IELTS exam. Basically, this article elaborates on the appropriate way to prepare for the IELTS exam in just three months. 

Following the right study material is compulsory for every student aiming for the IELTS exam. But you need at least three months to properly understand the main concepts of your syllabus. So, make sure that you have given adequate time to the preparations before enrolling yourself for the IELTS exam date

Read the following points to prepare for the IELTS exam excellently in just three months. 

For listening section

The basic aim of this section is to access your listening abilities. Well, in simple words, how well you can understand the English spoken to you. During this test, Candidates are provided with audio clips. The questions are also asked in the audio format. The excellent tips to ace this section are given below:

  • Get accustomed to listening to English with the help of audiobooks, English songs, news podcasts, or watching movies.
  • Practice staying calm while listening to English, so that you can focus on the words spoken to you.
  • Learn how a  word is spoken in the English language. In short, learn the pronunciation of the words. 
  • Practicing one sample paper relevant to the IELTS listening section daily is compulsory for every student aiming for an excellent IELTS score. 

For reading section

The reading test is conducted to test your reading skills through comprehension passages. The test will be containing questions like MCQs, gap fillings, short answers, etc. Well, to ace this section, you have to focus on practicing various kinds of comprehension passages. The difficulty level of these passages increases in ascending order. The tips to achieve an excellent score in the reading section are given below.

  • Learn the proper sentence formation with the help of tutorials or interesting novels available for free on the internet.
  • Get an  English newspaper daily. Then, try to comprehend the difficult passages yourself.
  • Go through numerous comprehension passages available on the internet websites.
  • Practice a sample paper related to the reading section daily. This will help you know the exact structure of the questions asked in the exam.
  • Improve your vocabulary and know the actual meaning of words with patience. 

For writing section

The writing section test how well a student can give his response to a question or situation in a written manner. Basically, this test requires lengthy answers from the students. The word limit is provided to the students during the test. All the students must keep the given word limit in their minds while writing their answers. The tips to ace the writing section are given below:

  • Focus on clear handwriting rather than cursive or beautiful handwriting. 
  • Understand the grammar rules and vocabulary with the help of examples. 
  • Practice answer writing daily to improve your writing speed. 
  • Well, while practicing the sample papers, try to match your answers with the answers of experts to know your weaknesses. Also, you can get easily solved sample papers available on the internet.
  • Try to organize your ideas, examples, and experiences already in advance.

For speaking section

Well, this section is often considered the most difficult section. The test will be like a face-to-face interview with the examiner. Know that there are some important things that you should keep in your mind while giving this test. For instance, what should be the appropriate length of your answer, what tone you should use to convey your message, etc. Furthermore, the tips to improve your performance in this section are given below:

  • Learn easy, understandable, and short phrases to gain confidence to speak English. 
  • Practice speaking English with your friend, sibling, or to your reflection in the mirror. 
  • You can also talk to Alexa or Google Assistant to improve your confidence to speak English. 
  • Don’t compromise with correctness while maintaining fluency in your English language.

Well, have you accessed your performance in the sample papers and feel confident to appear for the IELTS/PTE exam? If yes, then book a suitable IELTS/PTE exam date on the official website of the exam conducting body. 


The points mentioned above will definitely help you improve your performance in the IELTS exam. Also, it is wise to ensure that the websites you have chosen to access information or sample papers are reliable.



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