How to feel better on your periods


The shark week is here. Aunt Flo just landed. You are groaning at the prospect of greeting the unwanted guest, and the plethora of problems it brings.

Everyone has a different experience with periods. Some women pass through it with little glitches, for others, it is road to hell. All activities cease for to let this guest pass; eating, eh, sleeping, no can do, talking to people, next week please.

However, it is important to note if your period symptoms are especially bad, then you must seek help from the best gynecologist in Lahore.

There may be underlying health conditions like endometriosis that might be causing such severe symptoms. So, it is better that the doctor rules out any problems and call it your run-of-the-mill periods.

To help you cope with period week, here are some tips:

Ah, time to don on granny panties

Nothing is more uncomfortable than an uncomfortable pair of panties, especially the fancy panties. Since there is a chance of there being an accident, particularly when the flow is heavy, for those moments, have a good and trusty pair of granny panties.

They are comfortable to wear, and there is no worry about ruining your fancy panties. There are also now available special period panties that are made from absorbent material, so even if there is a leakage, you don’t end up ruining your pants. Or, have an embarrassing moment.

Bring on the YouTube rabbit hole

All is forgiven when you are on your periods and undergoing a particularly rough day. During this time, you should not worry about being guilt of wasting time but focus on self-care.

We tend to view self-care as an optional act, not a necessary one. This very perception is why we tend to neglect ourselves. However, an act of self-care is also an important chore to do. So, without any guilt, do what you want!

Order some ice-cream, because why not

Cravings get to an all-time high during periods on account of the hormonal changes. But sometimes, it is okay to eat away the pain. So, bring on the salted caramel flavor, or maybe you want rocky road with a piece of brownie.

If you want to eat lasagna, that’s fine too. The point is, it is okay for you eat what you want when you are feeling down. During periods, your physical and mental health, both are suffering, and thus, you can go easy on yourself.

Talk to your friend, or don’t

It can also help to have a meetup session when you are feeling so rotten otherwise. You can even zoom or call your friend, if meeting them in person is not something you can do in the moment.

On the other hand, it may also be too much for to ask for yourself to talk to your friends. If your mood is not up to it, then taking a raincheck on the plans is also fine.


It’s fine to snooze your alarm when on your periods and sleep a little more than usual to make yourself feel better.

Work can wait

Periods are often trivialized due to various reasons; misogyny is one, their occurrence every month maybe second. However, periods can be an extremely excruciating experience for women.

Their body is undergoing a lot and adding work to the mix might endanger their wellbeing. So, if you are not feeling well, take a day off from work. Or talk to your HR team about working from home instead.

Perhaps get a doctor’s help

The impact of periods on the mental health is not discussed or stressed enough. During PMS, it is common for women to undergo serious blues and period of depression.

If you are also having a hard time managing your PMS symptoms and their impact on your mental health, then do consider consulting a mental health expert via


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