How to Enter a Private Equity Firm?


A sphere of work desired by many, private equity is breaking all records when it comes to attracting individuals to its lucrative world of buying stakes in public companies along with making investments in private firms. For those who do not know, private equity firms are involved in helping out companies in need of capital and they hire competent professionals from a finance background to do so.

Private Equity Firm

So, you can imagine the amount of money private equity firms must deal with which makes it highly practical for professionals to enter this industry as it has the potential to support them in making tons of money. Private equity professionals are known for doing good for themselves financially and living a fancy lifestyle.

Facts like these lure individuals to become a part of this fast-paced industry to have a fulfilling career and prepare for a successful future. However, it is not a cakewalk to get into this sector as previously mentioned, private equity firms handle a considerable amount of money which makes it obvious for them to hire someone who is capable enough and well-prepared to manage that money by using it at the right places. So, only the best professionals inclined towards finance are usually cut out to be in the private equity space.

Background Required to Get into Private Equity

There is a range of criteria that you are needed to fall into for joining a top-notch private equity firm.

  • If you are an undergrad or an MBA in accounting, economics, or other finance-related subjects and have studied in a top-grade institution, then you are eligible enough to apply for a private equity job.
  • If you are someone who has worked as an investment analyst for an elite or middle-grade boutique investment bank, you can be an attractive candidate for private equity firms.
  • If you already have a substantial amount of experience and want to move to a better firm, it can prove to be a good career move.
  • In case you are a competent investment banking analyst working at a small boutique bank, you can for a job in a medium-sized private equity firm.
  • And last but not the least, the gateway to private equity are wide open for you if you have been a part of any one of these four sectors – investment banking, corporate restructuring, corporate development, and strategy consulting.

Skills needed to get Associated with Private Equity

As mentioned previously, investment banking and private equity are quite close-knit and that’s the reason why the skills required in both sectors are pretty much the same – financial modeling along with making presentations. And also, the tasks in PE are placed under two main categories of work which include managing portfolio companies & working on transactions.

Top Private Equity Firms

  1. The Carlyle Group (Washington D.C.)
  2. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (New York City)
  3. The Blackstone Group (New York City)
  4. Apollo Global Management (New York City)
  5. TPG (Fort Worth)
  6. CVC Capital Partners (Luxembourg)
  7. General Atlantic (New York City)
  8. Ares Management (Los Angeles)
  9. Clayton Dubilier & Rice (New York City)
  10. Advent International (Boston)


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