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Are you looking for something different to experience or explore in the city of wonders, Dubai? Or desire to escape from the hustle and bustle of luxurious city life? Bur Dubai, also known as old Dubai is the best place to explore the ancient culture or traditional aspects of Arabs. By using the services of car rental in Bur Dubai you can add more joy to your adventurous excursion.

Bur Dubai, the old view of Dubai is the neighbor of the famous tourist destination Deira. Multiple bridges are like floating bridges constructed to connect two sides. Dubai creek plays the role of a border between these two famous areas of Dubai. It’s one of the best places to visit for history and cultural exploration of souls.

Must Visit Places in Bur Dubai

This traditional community of the most luxurious state of the UAE is a hub of historical sites and provides visitors with a huge collection of places to explore and action-packed activities for adrenaline-rushing. However, the amount of joy depends on the exploring abilities and knowledge about the historical background of each site.

If you are in Dubai and planning to discover its old version, then you are in the right place because we are describing here all famous places or tourist attractions, their main highlights, and cultural aspects individually.

Dubai Creek Park

To enjoy yourself with friends and family, Dubai Creek Park is another famous destination. It’s one of the largest parks in the city and holds multiple attractions for families and children. It also holds a lot of entertainment corners and clubs like Golf clubs where families can enjoy themselves together. For children, there are separate nurseries or parks where children play and enjoy themselves safely.

One of the most famous attractions to enjoy in Dubai Creek Park is the Dolphinarium. It provides visitors with the opportunity to play with dolphins and witness their mesmerizing dance and tricks shows.

It also offers a lot of dins in and drinking options with traditional shops and marts. Visitors can enjoy free entry and all types of fun on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Dubai Museum

One of the oldest buildings in the city is the Dubai Museum. Before the renovation, it was used as a fortified residence, weapons arsenal, and prison. It was reconstructed almost three times and is now used as a museum to exhibit a glimpse of old Dubai. Art galleries showcase ancient- style homes, mosques, and shopping malls.

Visitors can explore the everyday lifestyles of old Arabs, their occupations, and date forms. It also provides visitors with the history of famous buildings, incidents, and events. People come across the world to capture themselves with historical views of Dubai.

Grand Mosque

This largest mosque also known as the Bur Dubai largest mosque is worth visiting to explore the religious aspects of Arabs. It was an Islamic school or Kutab where children came to learn and memorize the holy verses of the Quran. It also holds the largest Minarets in the city.

Grand mosque exhibits stunning art pieces related to the Islamic history of Arabs and has a capacity of 1200 people to offer prayers or perform any worship activity together. It has a separate place for women to rest or offer prayers.

Al Seef

To walk in the past, Al Seef is another destination to explore in Bur Dubai. It provides a lot of entertainment, fun activities, and dining options for families. Visitors can explore different kinds of shopping malls, restaurants, and old art galleries here to capture the ancient view of an extremely luxurious state of the world.

Meena Bazar

To witness various kinds of shopping malls, traditional stalks, and shops to buy ancient art pieces, jewelry, clothes, and unique gifts for your loved ones you can visit Meena Bazar in Bur Dubai. It also provides you with a lot of dining options and

Entertainment shows with games for children.

Burjuman Mall

One of the oldest shopping malls in Dubai is Burj Man Mall. It holds many shops and exhibits a huge collection of famous brands. Various food corners, entertainment points, and many cinemas are also present here. Therefore, it’s one of the best places to enjoy with friends and families.


Bur Dubai, the home to historical museums and traditional shopping malls, is an ideal place to capture a historical glimpse of the marvelous piece of land, Dubai. From ancient pieces of art to traditional clothes or other accessories, and famous Arabian cuisines to religious aspects of Arabs, it covers all aspects of old Dubai. Therefore, it’s worth visiting to add to your bucket for your next trip to Dubai.

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