Everything You Need To Know About Generating Income From YouTube


YouTube is a social media platform and a search engine as well. It is one of the best search engines surpassing Bing, Yahoo, and many more. YT is the second used most used search engine after Google. It is a simple application and website with handy user interfaces so that everyone can understand it easily. Options like comment, subscribe, and watch later are available under the video.

YouTube was launched in 2005 and was an individual company before Google bought it. On the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day YouTube was first launched. And 1 ½ year later, Google bought YT for around 1.6 billion U.S. dollars. Since then, it gained immense popularity among their viewers.

Many people are using this social media platform for their earnings, generating a decent amount of income to sustain their lives. YouTube stars are often considered self-made celebrities who buy YouTube likes, subscribers, and comments by showcasing their talent on YouTube. There are many types of content like teaching, entertaining, reviewing, gaming, and many more. You can also make money on YouTube without having millions of subscribers on your channel.

How to make money on YouTube?

There are many sources by which you can earn a decent amount of income from your YouTube videos. And to maximize your earning potential on your YouTube channel, you need to consider multi revenue streams. Some of the ways provided by YouTube are mentioned below.

  • You can earn directly through the YouTube platform.
  • Become a merchandise or sell products through your channel
  • You can ask for donations or crowdfunding for your upcoming project
  • Licensing your content to media
  • As an influencer, you can work with a brand or affiliate with them.
  • Giving the reviews of the product as a short advertisement in your video

How to enable monetization on YouTube?

It is straightforward to enable monetization on your channel, and you have some policies you must complete before allowing the monetization. It would be ideal for you to use a computer or laptop because the web version of YouTube is very advanced and better than the mobile version if you want to change settings on your YouTube or channel. 

  1. Log in with the account that you want to monetize on your web browser
  2. You will see a logo of your account in the upper right corner of your web browser
  3. The drop-down menu will appear and click on YouTube studio
  4. In the left menu, the monetization tab will appear, click on that
  5. After entering the monetization tab, read and agree to the youtube Partner program terms
  6. You have to create an AdSense Account to get paid. You can create a new account or add an existing one with your YouTube channel.
  7. You can set your monetization preference according to your cup of tea

After completing the process, head back to the main menu and open the dashboard by clicking on the analytical tab. The analytical tool will show you the revenue tab by which you can get a monthly idea of your income and how much you can generate from YouTube.

Knowing about YouTube policies

You will be reviewed once when you reach 10,000 views on your channel. Upon reaching 10000 views, your journal would automatically be reviewed. This is a part of the YouTube partner program policy. YT will send you a mail once you reach 10,000 views.

How to boost YouTube subscribers?

  • Make a creative title – It is essential because people judge most videos by their title. So clever title can attract many users towards your channel. This is the most natural way to, subscribers and comments.
  • Write a good description – Writing a good description also matters because the first few lines of your buy YT likes description are visible to the viewer in the search option. YouTube allows you to write a description of around 800 words, but the first few lines should be very attractive because everyone is going to judge your video according to your description also. Therefore, an engaging description can attract many users to your video or channel.
  • Using a custom thumbnail – YouTube can generate a thumbnail on its own, which can be very unattractive, and the user would not prefer to watch your video if you are not using a custom thumbnail with full details video. However, there is much software available online by which you can edit a good quality thumbnail, so make sure you do not use a YouTube-provided thumbnail.
  • Include hashtags – This is one of the essential factors for the YouTube search ranking system; adding a lot of relevant hashtags might help your video to come in recommendation; make sure that you search for the latest and trendy hashtags on the social media platform to make your content more visible.

These were a few details about generating income on YouTube. Many people are generating a decent income through YouTube and have chosen YouTube as their carrier. It is also considered one of the most significant entertainment sources providing free entertainment. If you want to showcase your talent and earn something, then it would be ideal for you to use YouTube.


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