Enhance your living with Automatic Doors


Three generations of the same family have run the Automatic Door and Hardware Company. Both their family and their business have expanded since the time of their grandfather, one of the original distributors of Besam automated doors. Among the first to sell Besam automatic doors was their grandfather. They are happy to announce that they now offer a line of industrial doors and hardware designed and produced.

Types of Automated Door

When people enter or leave the building through an electrically driven door, the door will automatically open and close for them. The two most typical automatic door layouts are sliding and swinging doors, and there are a ton of other possible combinations.


Benefits of Automatic Doors

The best option for commercial buildings’ entrance and exit doors is automatic doors since they offer several advantages.

It is simple to use and maintain the automatic door

Guests need to use their hands to open the conventional manual door. On the other hand, a wheelchair-using pedestrian would find this to be difficult. The Americans with Disabilities Act stipulates that doors inside buildings must open with less than 5 pounds of available force. In comparison, doors outside buildings must do so with less than 8.5 pounds of external pressure.

If you use a wheelchair, you must roll it up to the door, reach for the handle, and open the door with one hand while pushing the chair back. The simplicity and directness of an automatic door system for commercial applications make it ideal in this situation. Anyone entering the room can open the automatic sliding door by pressing a button on the motion sensor. An automated swinging door system can be activated with a single push of a button on the controller for a handicap door opener.


Adjust to traffic

Business buildings, especially those with noticeable entrances, benefit greatly from including automated doors. During the hours of the day known as “rush hours,” there is a significant increase in the number of people entering and exiting many buildings. There is so much foot movement, but it is repressed since each person must manually open the entryway. On the other hand, automated sliding doors keep the door open constantly to allow for unhindered pedestrian movement. For added convenience, the selectors for automated doors have a hold-open feature. An automatic door set to the hold available mode won’t close until the user returns it to normal.

Control the spread of infections

Your palm may contain anywhere from a few hundred thousand and several million germs at any given time. You increase your chance of contracting 80% of all infectious diseases by not washing your hands after using the restroom. Due to the widespread use of manual doors, people—including clients, kids, and bystanders—must pull on the door handle to enter a building. In addition to spreading your germs when you touch the door handle, you also risk picking up and spreading the germs of others who have touched the handle before you.

By installing automated doors, it is possible to slow the spread and decay of germs significantly. The passengers never need to physically operate the sliding doors at any point throughout their trip because motion and presence sensors take care of everything for them. Waving their hands in front of the activation switch causes automated pedestrian swing doors to open on their own. Activation switches that a touchless wave must open can also be programmed.


Buy Automatic Doors and improve your building’s layout


Having doors that can be counted on to open and close as needed is crucial for the efficient functioning of a business. Automated entrance door systems for commercial use are available with both swinging and sliding doors with motors, and these systems are easy to install.


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