Effect of Social Media During Title IX Investigation


Social media plays a crucial role in our daily lives. It affects the investigations of cases involving title IX. The posts on social sites are used as evidence and proof in the cases, while it is also used as a platform to bully or harass the victims. Check out studentdisciplinedefense.com for more. 

Harassing people on social media can cause damage to the mental and emotional well-being of everyone involved in the case. It is essential to be aware of the possible impact of social media to protect against it so that you can preserve your rights and interests. 


Social sites are used as a source for digitally witnessing numerous moments that add to an incident. People often tend to post their thoughts and pictures on their profiles which are further utilized to assist the case. However, often the evidence is not allowed for use as proof in cases. 

If you are considering preserving evidence on social media, make sure you reserve them in a usable format. Even on apps with temporary posts, it is essential to screenshot the thing for future usage. You can use the screenshot as a printed photo or PDF. Make sure it is in good condition, and all the necessary information, like the webpage address and date, is mentioned. However, if the post is on the side for a long period, certain software is used by attorneys and investigators to obtain embedded data in the post. The information can be location, date, and time as well as the browser and IP address of the person posting it. The software is created in a way that they help in complying with all the evidentiary regulations. 

Social Media Posts As Evidence

Oftentimes such posts are not allowed to be displayed as evidence in Title IX proceedings. This is because there are certain differences in criminal proceedings as well as title IX proceedings. The preceding follows the code of conduct and rules formulated by the university associated with the case instead of state or federal rules. The regulations are utilized to determine liability and assist if social media posts can be presented as evidence. If you are willing to use a social media post or picture as proof, it is necessary to check if it is allowed in the guidelines prescribed by your school for title I X Proceedings. 

Some schools have different policies and regulations regarding social media posts and Title IX cases, while some do not have specific mentions regarding them. The policies apply to posts made on social sites regarding school events and activities taking place on campus. Other than that, any post which includes a student or member of the school faculty is also involved in it. It is crucial to check the school’s regulations to see how your social media proof can be utilized in the investigation process of a Title IX case. 


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