Eco-Friendly 3 ct Diamonds for Engagement Rings

Engagement rings

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What are lab grown diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are created synthetically. They look absolutely real and are made using modern technology and advanced techniques. These lab grown diamonds are actually the same quality and sophistication as a real diamond. The only difference is that they’re not mined from the earth. They can also be given a special finish to make them look extremely real. When producing and manufacturing jewelry, people have been using lab grown diamonds for a long time now. There’s a lot of benefits to using them over buying an actual stone for your jewelry setting because it is totally eco friendly and doesn’t have to be removed from your setting when you put the ring on or it starts to fall out of place at some point in time.

Why lab-grown diamonds are better

1.Affordable Prices

The biggest advantage to buying a lab-grown diamond is that the price is less than the cost of an actual mined stone. Lab-grown diamonds are much cheaper than mined diamonds, but they have the same shine and brilliance. In addition, they don’t have to be removed in order to be cleaned. Jewelry made with lab-grown diamonds is also not as expensive as jewelry made with natural mined stones because they can be reworked again so that they can still look amazing even after several years of use.

2.Environmentally friendly

Lab grown diamonds don’t have to be mined and they’re also made without the use of harmful chemicals. Because they are not mined, no trees or soil need to be disturbed in order to get them. It is also a great alternative for people who can’t afford real stones because it doesn’t cost much, but it has the same brilliance as natural stones. Since it doesn’t require a lot of work, it is also environmentally friendly.


Lab grown diamonds are invisible, which means that they are very difficult to detect. This is beneficial because it makes them hard to distinguish from a real stone. In addition, the colors of the lab grown diamonds tend to be more natural than man-made stones. This makes them even more realistic and real looking.

4.Easy to clean

Because most lab grown diamonds are made from silicon carbide, they are easy to clean. This makes them more efficient and they don’t need to be removed when they get dirty or damaged. In addition, cleaning them doesn’t take a long time, which means that you can easily keep wearing your jewelry without worrying about the cleaning process taking too much time. This is great for people who want their jewelry to look as good as possible when they put it on.

5.Brighter and stronger color

Lab grown diamonds can be given a special finish so that they look really real. This is beneficial because it makes them harder to detect and they are easier to clean. In addition, the color of lab grown diamonds is even more realistic than natural stones. This means that they look extremely beautiful and more natural.

  1. More potential

Man-made diamonds have a lot of potential for growth, which means that you can use them again when you decide to wear them again or if you don’t wear them for a long time before putting at another piece of jewelry. When you buy a lab grown stone, it needs additional oil and cleaning materials in order to keep from becoming dull. However ,they are extremely durable and last much longer than real stones.

How to find good lab created diamond deals from

1.Your budget

When looking for lab grown diamond deals, it’s important to consider your budget. If you have a very tight budget, you may choose to go for natural stones instead. However, if you have a more relaxed budget, lab grown diamonds are definitely an option worth considering. They’re more affordable and cleaner than natural stones.

2.Your style

A jewelry piece is better when it’s made from quality materials that suit your style and preferences. If you have been searching for the perfect diamond ring for yourself or as a gift for someone else, it is best to buy something that suits your taste and style so that the look will be all yours. In addition, it will be easier to maintain it if you choose something that matches your personality and style.

3.You can choose the carat size of the diamond

This is the first factor that you need to consider before choosing a lab-created diamond. One of the most important factors to consider when buying a diamond ring for yourself or for someone else is the carat size of the stone. It will be better if you choose something that matches your budget so that you won’t have a hard time paying for it in case you are on a tight budget.

4.Different finishes

The different finishes that you can acquire for your lab-created diamonds can be beneficial. You may choose to get a jewelry piece with a high polish or something that has a natural diamond look. Each of these options will give you the perfect look for your jewelry and will be useful when it comes to maintaining it.

5.Different materials

Lab-grown diamond deals are available in different materials. You can get something in sterling silver, white gold or yellow gold. A lot of people like to choose a natural-looking diamond ring with white gold settings since they are cheaper and it’s harder to detect them. However, there are also people who prefer lab-grown diamonds with settings that are made from other materials such as platinum or palladium. In addition, it is possible to choose lab-grown diamonds with high quality materials that will make a great gift for your loved ones and is also durable for a long time.

How much does 3 carat diamond cost?

3 carat diamond cost is $4000-$5000.This is to give the best understanding of the value and prices in the diamond industry. Diamonds are graded with carat sizes that are expressed in “points”. One carat, 4 points, is equal to 0.2 gram (g). This means that there are 4/7,400th grams (0.004oz) of a diamond in one carat. For example, a 0.33ct diamond weighs approximately 0.009oz (3/49 x 1/7,400 x 1/10 = 3/49 x 0.00021 = 0.002901 ounces).

In conclusion, Lab grown diamond deals are definitely worth considering if you want to buy a quality and elegant jewelry piece that is affordable and easy to maintain. It is really clean and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance so you won’t have to worry about its cleanliness. In addition, it’s also more environmentally friendly than real diamonds, which means it will look more beautiful for many years of use. Also, it looks more realistic than real stones because they either grow differently or by different processes so they look very natural.


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