Defining the Crucial Role of Tumor Markers in Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment


Changing lifestyles, improper eating habits, and hectic schedules are bringing different illnesses & chronic diseases. While some are curable, others can be fatal or everlasting. Since these diseases are becoming increasingly common among people, governments of different countries, including Saudi Arabia, are investing massively in the healthcare sector and conducting numerous research & development activities toward bringing advanced therapeutic approaches.

Amongst all prevalent illnesses, cancer surely tops the list. As a result, researchers are immensely focusing on studying the disease and seeking innovations in its treatments. Since cancer is mentioned now, it would be inappropriate not to talk about tumor markers— substances produced by either cancer cells or the healthy ones in response to cancer. They are also known as biomarkers or cancer markers and provide information about the appropriate cancer diagnosis & treatment required, cancer stage/nature, and whether the cancer is responding to the current treatment.

They are witnessing an accelerating demand across Saudi Arabia owing to the growing prevalence of ovarian, prostate, thyroid, breast, colorectal, & lung cancers in the region. Moreover, recent developments in these tumor markers have made the treatment of neurological diseases more easy & efficient, with benefits like early diagnosis, non-invasive testing, and rapid drug developments.

Considering these aspects, a recent analysis by MarkNtel Advisors has projected a substantial CAGR for the Saudi Arabia Tumor Marker Market during 2022-27. The mounting utilization of tumor markers to understand the effects of treatment, occurrence, & disease risks by examining modifications in their levels will create new avenues for the industry and cater to the high unmet patient needs across Saudi Arabia.

Key Parameters Influencing the Demand for Tumor Markers

The growing focus of the government of Saudi Arabia on strengthening the healthcare infrastructure and increasing procurement of advanced diagnosis equipment & therapeutics to cater to the burgeoning patient requirement is likely to augment the industry growth.

Besides, the rising cancer patient pool entwined with the growing number of research & development activities to bring innovations in therapeutics to assess patient recovery rates, their response to treatment procedures such as chemotherapy, and extending appropriate drug prescriptions, among others, are the other aspect driving the tumor marker utilization and fueling the industry expansion.

Use of Tumor Markers for Cancer Screening

With rigorous research & analysis, it is said that tumor markers can be used for cancer screening & is done, especially on patients’ people who do not show any symptoms. The screening test aims to find cancer at an early stage when it is treatable before getting a chance to spread further. Yet, these screenings are not performed on every cancer type but have approval for Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) for prostate cancer. Tumor markers also find applications alongside other screening tests like scans, biopsies, & others principally to detect cancer.

A Way Ahead

As the number of cancer cases is prevailing swiftly across the country, the government is increasingly encouraging the adoption of tumor markers to cater to the rising patient pool. In fact, the substantial investments by the government in the healthcare sector entwined with the availability of favorable policies for research & development and clinical trials of these markers is attracting leading players to indulge in the market expansion. Such aspects hint toward a pool of profitable prospects for the Tumor Marker Industry across Saudi Arabia in the years ahead


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