Characteristics Of A Resin Table


The living room is perhaps one of the first places a guest sits when they arrive. Filling it up with great furniture can make your home feel more welcoming as well as stylish. Coffee tables are the perfect addition to fill up your living room. 

That said, with so many options in the industry, making that decision can be pretty confusing. Fortunately, all you need to do is decide whether you want a wooden table or a resin one. If you are stuck in this dilemma, this article is a perfect read for you. Here you will learn some differences between both and why a resin table is a much better choice.

  • Sturdy Build:

One of the main things that make resin tables a great buy is how sturdy they are. They are designed to ensure longevity and indeed stand the test of time. While they might be a bit costlier than the other conventional models around, it surely is worth the price. 

In addition, since you do not have to keep buying one over and over again, you will save a lot of money in the longer run. They have better texture and simulation, inspired by natural wood. Since the resin is not affected by the ultraviolet rays of the sun, they are corrosion resistant. More so, they are waterproof and do not scratch easily. 

  • Variety Of Options:

Another great thing about resin tables is that they come in a myriad of colors and designs. Since they fuse the natural and organic appearance of wood like teak, maple, cherry, oak, or say, along with the glossy resin finish, they indeed stand out. 

This only means that once you have one, everybody will only talk about how great it fits in your room. In addition, for a little extra cost, these tables can be modified according to your preferences, making them the perfect fit for your home. You can also choose to use the resin on stone bases like marble or granite for more contemporary and vibrant looks. 

  • Easier To Maintain:

The majority of people think such an expensive and delicate piece of furniture will require a lot of upkeep and maintenance. On the contrary, these are much easier to clean and maintain, even more than wood tables. 

Cleaning resign does not require expensive cleaning supplies or varnishes. All you need is a soft piece of cloth and some soapy water, and you are all set. You can also use any standard glass cleaning liquid to keep it looking clean. However, make sure you clean the table regularly and only use a soft rag to ensure the polish remains intact. 

  • Lightweight:

Lastly, these tables are very lightweight, especially when compared to conventional wooden tables. Cleaning under the wooden table can be quite a task since you have to move that heavy piece of furniture around every now and then. 

However, with weights ranging anywhere between 9 to 12 kgs, that is not a problem with resin tables. Even a large piece will be much easier to handle and lighter than a wooden one of the same size. 

These are only some of the many reasons why you must go with a resin table.


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