CBD Outreach Backlink Strategies For Dominating Search


Since the plant gained its legal status in 2018, CBD has only emerged as the top-selling natural supplement in the health and wellness world. The industry is expected to surpass the $7.5 billion mark by the end of 2022, with experts predicting more growth. As such, CBD businesses have gone online. Speaking of which, several companies have opened up their online marketplaces, dominating the market on both online and offline fronts.

However, the issue arises when you can’t market or grow on Google after a specific period. This is when SEO services come into the picture. And as a matter of fact, such services with effective marketing approaches can produce an ROI of as high as 12x your entire marketing spend. Now, isn’t that staggering enough? One of the essential factors of SEO for acquiring a higher ranking is building outreach links. That is primarily true when it concerns penetrating the top 10 on the search page results.

You might be lucky while scrolling through this space. We have curated four points to help create CBD outreach backlinks  without hassle.

Create Resource Pages On Your Website

A smart way to acquire backlinks while also offering value to the target audience is to develop a resource page on your parent site. This is where you will compile a list of blogs, resource websites, and businesses within your industry. For every resource, you integrate an external link, along with a brief description.

However, in the case of CBD products, a user can create resource pages linking to the following platforms:

  • Cannabis dispensaries
  • CBD bloggers and influencers
  • Cannabis companies
  • Government websites discussing research pieces and studies

These are only a few ideas of the forms of sites you can target. Furthermore, you can go with anything as long as the sites have a couple of things, namely:

  • A high DA
  • Target audience relevance

Guest Posting

Several people tend to consider guest blogging to be one of the platinum standards for obtaining free backlinks. Even though it’s an ideal way to produce CBD links and raise awareness, there are many rights and wrongs when you implement them.

Remember, picking any website willy-nilly and writing posts without information to obtain a backlink will not work for your brand. You cannot outsmart search engine algorithms. So, the first step is to post a blog describing your actions. For cannabis or CBD products, the blog can revolve around the health benefits of CBD. Consider writing a guest post that educates and spills relevant information in the following step. Such a type of exclusive guest posting will not only get quality backlinks, but fruitful rewards in the shape of quality lead most significant rankings, and organic traffic.

Apply The Method of Broken Links

As more entrepreneurs and companies have joined the CBD bandwagon, some have also left, searching for greener pastures. And you can use these CBD websites currently out of function to your advantage. So, whenever you browse CBD-related content online, keep an eye out for outdated or broken external links. Remember, the KEY work here is EXTERNAL links.

Shoot the website owner or content an email and politely alert them to the outdated or broken link within their website. Then suggest replacing it with a relevant page or content from your website (an external link). You make things easier; you can leverage tools such as Dr. Link Checker to go through websites in the marijuana business and any other niche you’re interested in generating backlinks. Even better, you can check your website and work on any such links since minor factors like broken-out outdated links can seriously impact your cannabis and CBD organic search ranking.

Produce CBD Infographics

Per the reports of HubSpot, visual content such as infographics is shared and linked three times more than other content types on social media. There’s a valid reason behind this fact. Studies involving eye-tracking have demonstrated that internet readers are more attracted by information that has images. So your target audience will pay closer attention to your content if you can include infographics, plain and simple.

These types of content combine text and visuals to deliver compelling information. They are most visually appealing and have effective designs to depict interesting stats concerning a specific topic that viewers can skin through easily. Due to being highly shareable, infographics have the potential to go viral and thus could help bring you a ton of high-quality backlinks that will boost your site’s ranking.

To produce compelling cannabis infographics, you need to focus on three fundamental elements, namely:

  • Fantastic design – Infographics usually go viral with visually appealing and sleek designs.
  • Thoroughly researched and accurate stats – The statistics and information on your infographics should most essentially be factual and authentic within a given context.
  • Outreach and promotion – Provided you execute the previous two perfects, your infographic is useless if you can promote it to the masses. Hence, you need a solid email outreach and social media promotion strategy to ensure your cannabis infographics grab the attention of the right eyeballs.


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