Best Mileage Bikes in Kerala in 2022




Akash is a college student who is trying to save time and money. Therefore, he decided to buy a bike which will allow him to get the best mileage and provide good features. He bought a bike after comparing the models and finally selected one that gave him more mileage and offered more features . For example, with this bike, he saves money on fuel expenses because it provides better mileage making his life a little easy.


Buying the best mileage bike in Kerala is a great deal and chances to own one are increasing day by day. However, before that you need to make sure that the bike you buy is right for your requirements. You will not only depend on the model of your bike to choose it, but also its maintenance and mileage, maintenance cost, insurance coverage, etc. These features tweak your choices as they help figure out which particular model is going to serve you better than others.


Top bikes that provide the best mileage in 2022 


Read on to find out the top 9 bikes that provide the best mileage in Kerala in 2022.


  1. Bajaj CT 100:


The Bajaj CT 100 provides an ideal combination of style, performance and comfort in a single package. The two-stroke engine is powerful and efficient, with a low center of gravity. Ideal for fast rides and long journeys, the bike’s excellent performance comes from its high-tech features and safety features that ensure the best value for money.


  1. TVS Star City Plus:


The best mileage bike in Kerala, TVS Star City Plus is an excellent choice for those who want to get a comfortable ride on the roads. This well made 109.7 cc bike offers a mileage of 70 km per liter addressing your exact needs.


  1. Hero HF Deluxe :


This is a new variant of Hero Xpression, which has been launched by Hero to offer riders a lot of improvements. The bike is fueled by a 100 cc engine and it can give you sixty five kilometers per liter of mileage. Besides that, the bike is designed with XSens technologies that allow you to adjust air-fuel mixture with ten sensors.


  1. Bajaj Platina 110:


A high-performance bike that offers an excellent mileage capacity and carrying capacity, the Bajaj Platina 110 is ideal for longer rides. Its 115 CC air-cooled engine provides good performance with excellent fuel efficiency. Equipped with handguards, LED DRLs, and a complete smog system, this bike ensures comfort on road or off it.


  1. TVS Sport:


TVS Sport is one of the bike models offered by TVS that has been designed with an affordable price range in mind. The model provides you with top-level performance, comfortable riding experience and fuel efficiency. The built is lightweight and offers up to 74 km per hour mileage.


  1. Hero Splendour Plus:


 The Hero Splendour Plus is a popular model in India that comes with five variants and eight colors. Besides that, it comes with a 97.2 CC engine, which is BS6 compliant and an efficiency of nearly 60 km per liter. The bike offers a mileage of 63 km per liter, enabling users to ensure a great mileage, and a smooth ride as it works efficiently with its front and rear drum brakes.


  1. TVS Radeon:


The TVS Radeon is a pretty good buy and this one has a great mileage of 62 kilometers per liter, providing you with the top end power and a great deal at 24k.


  1. Hero Passion Pro 110:


The Hero Passion Pro is one of the highest-selling bikes in India due to its elegant designs and appearance. The model has a 113.2 CC engine, which offers mileage of 70 km per liter when driven at an average speed. ARAI has listed the bike as the top performance vehicle and ranks ninth in our list of motorcycles with highest rated performance.


  1. Bajaj CT 110:


The Bajaj CT 110 is the top mileage bike in India because it provides methods to ensure the maximum mileage of more than 80 km per liter. The bike comes with a 115.45 CC engine with digital twin-spark ignition (DTS-i) and exhaust-tec. It uses two spark plugs on the cylinder head, allowing users to burn the air-fuel mixture faster, thus achieving longer lasting performance.



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