Best Medium Length Hairstyles Men


If your hair is medium length, you can have fun experimenting with the variety of options for medium length hairstyles men. With so many experienced barbers, you can play around with your medium-length hair to come up with a unique hairstyle that defines your personality.

The medium-length hairstyles for men can be blended with different haircuts, such as the fade, to come up with a totally different style. Below are some of the best medium length hairstyles men can try out today.

1 The Bro Flow

This is the best idea for men looking forward to getting a lot of attention, especially from suitors. The bro flow is a beautiful hairstyle with a charm that will guarantee you to get the necessary attention from suitors.

The bro flow medium length hairstyles men are easy to maintain and also easy to create as it requires minimal effort as long as your hair is growing out. Regular trims are only required to prevent the hair from growing into completely long hair.

The hairstyle can also be achieved effortlessly by embracing the stage between short hair and long hair as the hair grows out.

2 The Pompadour

This a classic way of styling your medium length hair as a man. The pompadour is achieved by blow drying your hair in an upward manner to create some height, shape, and volume from the process.

The style is very cute but will require some patience with the styling every time you leave the house. This is because the exact shape and volume require some time for perfect results.

You can spice up things with this hairstyle with some touches of confidence, and you will be guaranteed to turn some heads as you move on with your day.

3 The Quaff

This is the best option if you are a man who likes to look stylish and confident with a neatly polished hairstyle.

The styling requires the use of some styling gel to brush up the hair in a neat manner and also make some volume before finally curving it towards the back to create a defined wave.

If you want to achieve a bolder look, you only have to increase the height of the quiff and implement more volume using the styling gel.

This hairstyle requires more attention in maintenance a feature which makes it less suitable if you are someone who always gets out of the house in a hurry.

4 Afro

The afro hairstyle is increasingly becoming popular, especially among the black community. The good thing about afro medium length hairstyles men is that it gives men a chance to wear their natural hair with pride.

The afro is a great way to show your natural curls while embracing your natural hair texture too. The curls, in these cases, should not be too long to avoid making the hairstyle hard to maintain. A top afro combined with the perfect fade gives off the perfect edgy appearance.

5 Blowout

Just as the name suggests, the main idea when coming up with this hairstyle is to come up with an effect of the wind.

The style is created by blow-drying the hair in an upward motion using a hairdryer to come up with the desired height and volume for the style.

When styling this haircut, you need to use some pomade to work through the hair to come up with some texture. The blowout is a perfect style that will not even move an inch during windy days if done well.

6 Natural Curly Hair

If you have naturally curly hair, you do not have to worry about how to style your hair because you can effortlessly pull off a variety of hairstyles. Curly hair has an interesting texture that makes even the simplest look appear stunning.

The hair is just left to grow naturally, and no maintenance is required other than cleaning for the purposes of personal hygiene. The reason behind zero efforts in maintenance is that the more natural and messy the hair is, the more outstanding the curly medium length hairstyles men appear.

Doing a lot of styling on curly hair is not recommended because it messes up the texture of the hair.


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