All You Need To Know About Nursing Home Abuse In Vermont


When families cannot take time out of their busy schedules to care for their elderly loved ones, they often put them in nursing homes where the staff can care for them properly. However, this decision is never easy because nobody wants to stay away from their dear ones. In such a case, it can be angering when the nursing home staff fails to complete their duties.

Unfortunately, an institution that is supposed to take care of elderly people can be neglectful and even engage in abuse at times. If you believe your family member was abused in their nursing home, you must be frustrated and angry. Speak to a nursing home abuse lawyer in Vermont to know your options. 

What are the common signs and symptoms of nursing home abuse in Vermont?

It is critical that you are aware of the warning signs and symptoms of nursing home abuse so that you can protect your loved one when necessary. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), about one-third of the nursing homes in the United States were involved in abuse or had serious violations. About 2,000 residents of different nursing homes across the country were identified as victims of abuse. 

There are chances that your loved one is a victim as well. Here are some common signs to look out for: 

  • Self-isolating behavior
  • Weight loss
  • Sudden difficulty sleeping
  • Disoriented
  • Nervous
  • Medication errors
  • Unusually Unhappy
  • Bedsores
  • Physical injuries

Some common types of nursing home abuse include:

  • physical abuse
  • abandonment
  • financial or material exploitation
  • sexual abuse
  • personal neglect
  • emotional/psychological abuse
  • general neglect

Tips for choosing a good nursing home 

If you are worried about your loved one being neglected or abused in a nursing home, the best thing you can do for them is research good nursing homes. Most people put their family members in the nearest or first nursing home they can find. This is wrong. Ask your friends for referrals and look for positive online reviews. It is also important to check that your chosen institution has all the permissions and a license. 

Was your loved one injured at a nursing home?

Putting your loved one in a nursing home alone can be devastating. Finding out that they were being abused in the institution which was supposed to keep them safe can be emotionally and mentally disturbing. As soon as you suspect something is wrong, speak to an attorney in Vermont. 


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