All The Facebook Ad Sizes You Need to Know in 2022




Facebook ads sizes vary from dimension to dimension. It helps people get different information related to Facebook and the information available around them. It helps to boost our acquisition and engagement rate.

Advertisement is all about creativity and structure. If you do not correctly structure your ads, you may have a destructive impact on the customer for who we make the ad. So, it is essential to structure your ad correctly to gain customer loyalty and trustworthiness. People should time-to-time monitor their ads. It is the same for Facebook too. To know more about Facebook ads and updated Ads, read this article.

Some Tips And Guides to Facebook Ads Are: 

  • Videos ad size on Facebook

If uploading videos in the square, the ratio should be 1:1. If uploading vertically, the ratio should be 4:5. In the entire vertical, the ratio should be 9:16. In the entire landscape, the ratio should be 16:9.

Also, Facebook ads should include images and video, as it helps provide adequate customer information. Also, maximum research and development in Facebook ads are necessary. It is the initial stage of attracting the customer.

  • Facebook image ads

Since this generation is lazy, here is a piece of advice. If you make image ads for Facebook, put more visuals, creativity, and attractive lines that attract the newer generation. These also help viewers view the ad and stop scrolling. Therefore, you must incorporate photos in your ads if you want to get the attention of your target audience on Facebook. These photographs should highlight your product or brand in a distinctive, captivating manner.

  • Instant articles and videos on Facebook

The article’s videos on Facebook should not be extended. It should be a Minimum of 1 second and a maximum of 30 minutes. It has to be short and sweet. All information should be appropriately delivered in that video to satisfy the user.

  • Stories ads on Facebook

Stories on Facebook are to be around 1-2 minutes, as in 2022, people only want less time for ads, and in that less time, they give all product information in the stories. So, the Facebook ads sizes are necessary to be less.

  • The Right-Hand Column Ad

As the name suggests, the right-hand column ad appears on the right side of the Facebook feed. They are much smaller ads. The sellers often use the right-hand column for renovation reasons.


The Facebook ads size should not restrict to sizes but also focus on the creativity of the image to attract viewers or users. It helps to save a lot of time if you design ads in the appropriate size. Also, the one who makes ads should do a profound analysis in different fields like what users want in 2022, how to make ads that attract customers, images, and captions to use, etc. That is why it is essential to focus on the size of Facebook ads.



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