Adding Phone Booths ToYour Office




Privacy in an office space isn’t always easy to achieve, even with the help of office screens. Whilst they create a division, and give desk privacy and help with noise, it’s not always enough for personal phone calls or confidential conversations.

Outside of freestanding screens and meeting rooms, what other solution could offer more privacy?

Telephone Pods aren’t a staple in all office spaces but if a space needs modernizing, additional facilities, and more privacy, then it’s time to research the available options.

Small and large offices can make use of the Phone Booths, by controlling the number of pods or the size. It’s possible to have pods on the slightly larger side which allow for more than one person, so joint calls and privacy as a small group can be created.

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Single options are also available, which are simply small pods & with enough space for one person, making it easy to make private calls away from open plan break areas.

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Loud working environments have been proven to reduce concentration levels and over time can become a big distraction. Taking important calls away from a busy office, ensures a quiet background and the space to be able to have a professional phone call without any distractions.

What are the benefits of Phone Telephone Booths?

Open but private

Privacy doesn’t have to come in the form of being shut away in a dark room, in this case, privacy comes with style.

The private conversations can take place with confidence, without being in a claustrophobic environment. Wide open glass doors give the pod an open and inviting feeling, and whilst inside gives full visibility of the office so the space isn’t completely shut off and secluded.


Offices can lack rooms and additional space so, 1 room, partitioned, or fully open plan can still be restrictive.

The advantage of the Telephone booths is how they can be used. Being used for its main use of making private calls is only scratching the surface. Make the most of the investment and be creative on how the small pod can be useful.

Some designs allow a tabletop, which is fantastic when it comes to taking your work away from the standard desk setup. Sit/Stand working has been a topic well covered and standing for periods of the day can be beneficial for your health and adds some movement.

For those who find a loud working environment distracting, an hour or 2 in the booth could be ideal to suit their working style. In the larger multiple-person pod, small meetings and quick catch-ups can be scheduled.

The Office Phone Pods can be suitable for any space, small and large. Bringing modern design and functionality to the standard office. Most importantly, the pod can be used in different ways to make it accessible to all staff members.



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