About multiple fixed messages in the telegram


The Telegram Service is a very popular messenger. It has many features and its users are increasing day by day. But how many people use the fixed message? Do you know how to set multiple fixed messages in Telegram(Telegram中文下载)? In this article, we will tell you how to set multiple fixed messages on the telegram app, so you can enjoy them with friends.

Congratulations on the day of the founding of the United States!

Congratulations on the day of the founding of the United States!

You can set a fixed message in Telegram by tapping and holding a chat, then selecting “Edit.” You’ll see an option to set your custom sticker.

You can also disable the built-in emoticons and choose a custom sticker instead. To do this, tap on Settings > Chat settings > Emoticons

Happy Women’s Day, comrades

-Happy Women’s Day, comrades,

-The fixed message is set in this way

Happy Men’s Day to all the men who are as strong as steel. You make life easier for us, you are our rock and pillar of strength. Thank you for being there whenever we need you! We love you so much!

Good to be a good person, like a flower

-You can share the fixed message with your friends, and it will come up when they launch Telegram.

-If you are not a good person, then you won’t be able to see this message no matter how many times you refresh the app.

Going beyond the sky, going further than the air

You’ve probably heard the word “going beyond” used in many different ways. It can be used to describe a person, an event, or a feeling. You may have heard it used to describe the sky or the air—but not both at the same time!

In this case:

-The speaker is referring to his actions (going further) and their results (going beyond).

-He’s trying to say that he’s made great progress in his work.

When you’re writing, you should think carefully about the words you choose and how they fit into your sentence. If you use “going beyond” as an adverb (to modify a verb), then it means that something is happening farther than usual or farther than was expected. For example, The speaker went beyond her usual level of enthusiasm and made us all feel very proud!

Happy World Poetry Day!

Poetry is a way to express your thoughts and feelings. It is a way to share with others who you are, what you think, and how you feel. Poetry can be written as a love poem or an expression of life itself.

On this World Poetry Day, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our users who have been using Telegram(Telegram汉化版) for their poetry needs over the past few years! On behalf of everyone at Telegram, we wish all poets around the world a happy World Poetry Day!

Ten thousand years, ten thousand years

It is a fixed message. It will be displayed in the chatbox of the user. The fixed message can be used for sending greetings, requesting information, or any other purposes.

-Fixed messages can be used for sending greetings and other fixed types of messages. -Fixed messages are more specific than regular messages and can be used in various contexts.

The fixed message is set in this way

You can set a fixed message for the telegram in this way:

-Press and hold the blue button on your phone until you hear “New fixed message.”

-The first time, you will be asked to select the language. If you have already done this, go to step 4.

-In the menu that appears, choose “English” or another language from the list of supported languages (Spanish, French, German).

-After selecting a language, press “+”. The second menu opens with options that allow you to edit and send messages as well as change their order. You can also see all previous messages associated with this account at any time by pressing “+”.

In conclusion:

In conclusion, I hope that you have learned some of the tips and tricks of how to set up a fixed message in Telegram. You can use this method to create your unique Telegram bot with custom messages or other features!


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