A Growing Number of People Now Prefer Private Label Nutraceuticals Supplements


Indian spice producer targets global markets with B2C nutra brand

There is still a lot of uncertainty among a certain group of people about the likely causes of a weak immune system. Some folks do get close to the real cause when they discuss nutrition adequacy. 

Finally, it all gets lost in the cacophony of multiple narratives doing the rounds in the market. Through all of that, some folks just fail to understand that they hardly get any nutrition from the staples they eat every day. 

It wasn’t until the ugly face of the Covid-19 pandemic showed up that people began to take a serious interest in what causes low immune strength. 

Now it’s common knowledge that the body needs more nutrients to build immune strength. Consequently, nature-based private label supplements are in very high demand. 

The market for nature-based alternative supplements is poised favorably for growth now. It is already worth over $55 billion and is projected to double in size by 2026. 

Because of the disruption caused in the pharmaceuticals market by the pandemic, people know that nutrition fulfillment cannot be provided by prescription drugs. 

Sure these drugs have their use in emergency life-saving situations but they are not meant for long-term preventive healthcare as their prolonged use is hazardous. 

The body needs adequate nutrition for strong immunity 

Under normal circumstances where the food we eat is broken down into different compounds for use in the different parts of the body by nutrients. 

One of the main functions of the nutrients is to repair and build cells and tissue and this is what is better known as the body’s metabolism. 

Unfortunately, nutrients are almost absent in the staples we eat. Hence the only way to compensate for this loss of nutrients is through nature-based supplements. 

Today, there are private label supplement branding companies that are meeting the growing demand for such nutrient-rich supplements that people need to strengthen their immune health. 

The best supplements have nature-based ingredients 

Not very long ago, supplement manufacturing was largely considered to be a cottage industry and a large segment of it is still considered to be so. 

However, many other resourceful supplement manufacturers have set up organized industrial-scale manufacturing units complete with research laboratories. 

They are now considered nutraceutical manufacturers. The term nutraceutical is a combination of nutrients and pharmaceuticals and it is a new dimension of the wellness industry. 

Many of these nutraceutical manufacturers have very strong research facilities where they are developing many innovative formulations including gourmet products like Mushroom Complex Gummies among other products.   

Try and partner with a reliable manufacturer for supplies 

This is an exponentially growing market with minimum barriers to the entry of new players. However, it is competitive and only those businesses offering quality products have the chance of growing. 

Even if you are new to the industry, it is an exciting opportunity as the products are nature-based and safe, which means they have no side effects. 

Therefore, look for a reputable and reliable private label manufacturer like Emerald Corp to partner for a steady supply of stock for your store. 


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